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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Puzzle 26: Like mother, like sons


Last two days, in the morning, before I went to my Methods of Da'wah (MOD) class, I was supposed to have breakfast with my friend. While waiting for him, I sat at one of the tables at HS cafe, the one which was near the river. Because I love sitting there. Further from the crowds and there I could find some peace. 


As I waited for him, I opened my literature book and flipped some pages. I started my reading.

Minutes had passed and he still didn't show up. Never mind. I bet he was still on his way as he said he would try his best to make it on time. But I told him that he should not force himself. If he thought that he could not make it, then It was okay with me. It was just that I wanted to use the opportunity to discuss a few things with him. Yet if Allah did not will, then what more could we say.

At the two tables forward from the one which I was sitting at, sitting a women with her three children. The children were all boys in different colored shirts. I guessed the women must be in her 30s because undoubtedly, she looked young to me. But the thing is she was in her black abaya and a niqab covered her face. But I still want to say that she looked like a young mother. At first, I though she was an Arab, but later I heard some Malay words uttered by her to her sons. What more, all the three boys were Malays and that made me more confident to assume that she was a actually a Malay. 

I looked at them with my sharp eyes. I observed many things. Well, you know I am an observant type. I like to observe many things which occur surround me. Seeing the way the mother talked to her sons was enough to tell me how loving she was to all those three. Such a typical Muslim mother the woman was. I was attracted to some of their conversations which I barely heard from other typical Malay Muslim mothers with their children. 

Let me flashback what I had witnessed at HS cafe last two days :)

After finishing their meals, the boys were walking towards the river in front of them and looked into it. Together all three, they stood at the edge of the river and talking to one another about what they saw inside the river. Inside the river, they actually saw a a big lizard so-called biawak, swimming from far. 

Mother: Don't go near, boys.

The boys were so enthusiastic when they saw the cute biawak swimming as it wished. Suddenly, the mother saw one of her sons threw something into the river. A medium-sized stone I guessed.

Mother : Hey, don't throw anything to it. Isn't it also a slave of God?

I felt amazed the moment I heard the mother said that to her sons. 

Mother : Boys, you better learn something about this because I'm going to give you a quiz after this.

Subhanallah, then I understood what the mother was actually doing at that time. She was actually educating her sons to think. To think about things they saw in their surroundings. She was trying to make her sons got to know their only God, Allah the Almighty, by looking at all His creations. What a beautiful way of educating the children.

Boys : Okay! (thumbs upped) 

Boy 1 : That is very good!

It tickled me hearing the words from one of her sons, the one who wore light blue shirt, said that to his mother. It was so much so showing that how much he couldn't wait for the quiz.

Mother : Be careful, boys. Stay further.

As the boys returned to their mother who was still sitting at the table, they told her everything the saw about the biawak. Then, they related to the next topic which they continued talking about animals; about ants, scorpions and such. I could see the mother listened to her sons' stories very keenly and patiently. She also somehow showed her interest in getting to know what could be the next topic that her sons might come out with afterwards. 

After that, the boys asked for their mother's permission to take a walk along the river side and the mother allowed so as long as they would come back as soon as possible.

Later, as the boys returned, the mother asked her sons to do her some favor. What do you think it was?

She asked her sons to pick as many rubbish they could see surround them. This was totally amazing! I've never met a mother who is willing to ask her kids to pick up rubbish surround them in my whole life. Again I was pretty sure that she was educating her sons about cleanliness. Shame of those who threw rubbish not into its appropriate places and here the kids were collecting them to be put into the dustbin. 

Mother : Now, I want all of you to pick up as much rubbish as possible. Pick up any rubbish you see around you.

Boy 2 : But I need to go to the toilet first...

The mother laughed and I laughed either. What a cute little boy.

It really melt my heart seeing those cute boys competing among themselves to collect as many rubbish as possible because their mother told them that she would reward them with something for their good deed.

Boy 2 : Kutiplah that sampah! 

Boy 3 : Kejaplah... 

Boy 1 : Oh, nak ambik plastik, kan?

Mother : Okay, go and clean up everything. Insya-Allah, Allah will reward you. Make sure you wash your hands after this, okay?

Much much later, as the boys were collecting the rubbish...

Mother : Faster. I want to see who had picked up the most rubbish. There, there are some on the grass... (pointing at some rubbish on the grass)

Boy 2 : Not the leaves...

They continued collecting the rubbish without complaining. They did it happily. 

Boy 2 : (picking up a smoke under the table)

Boy 1 : Hey, smoke janganlah! Smoke jangan! Mommy, smoke jangan, kan? 

Mother : It's okay. Just pick it up, but make sure you wash your hand, okay?

Boy 1 : Mommy, look here! Mine are two plastics!

Mother : Masya-Allah, very good indeed!

A few minutes later...

Mother : Done?

Boy 1 : I'm the 'maniest!' 

Boy 3 : I'm the heaviest!

Mother : Good, dears! Do you you some rewards?

Boy 2 : I want rewards but I want to ask from Allah. (he walked and hadn't stopped collecting rubbish although his other brothers had finished so)

The boy looked at me, and say...

Boy 2 : Hello. (with a smile)

I : Hello (helloed back) 

After finished cleaning up the area, the mother asked her sons to wash their hands with soap and everything.

Boy 1 : After solat Dhuha, you shall reward us.

Mother : Okay, later after you had completed your Dhuha prayer.

As minutes passed by...

Mother : Have you washed your hands, boys?

Boys : Dah!

Mother : Okay, now, go to masjid and make your Dhuha.

Boys : Okay! ^____^

And now the mother was actually training her sons to perform Dhuha prayer whenever possible. 

Subhanallah, I am so proud and respect the way the mother educated her sons in order to become Muslims. I hope someday I will do the same to my children as well. I don't want to pass the responsibility to the teachers because I realize now that it is actually the responsibility of the parents to take care of their children and making them good Muslim leaders in the future. 

May Allah bless the family and mine as well.

Abu Huraira, narrated that the Prophet  said, "Every child is born with a true faith (i.e. to worship none but Allah Alone) but his parents convert him to Judaism or to Christianity or to Magainism, as an animal delivers a perfect baby animal. Do you find it mutilated?" Then Abu Huraira recited the holy verse: "So set you (O Muhammad SAW) your face towards the religion of pure Islâmic Monotheism Hanifa (worship none but Allâh Alone) Allâh's Fitrah (i.e. Allâh's Islâmic Monotheism), with which He has created mankind. No change let there be in Khalq­illâh (i.e. the Religion of Allâh Islâmic Monotheism), that is the straight religion, but most of men know not. [Tafsir At­Tabarî, Vol 21, Page 41] " (30.30).


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