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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Puzzle 42: Fate


we cannot change what had been fated for us
we always come across the saying of
"Allah knows best."
we tend to raise many questions
regarding Allah's fates for us
seeming like we have no enough trust on Him
as our God
we always say that we are His slaves
we hardly put our faith in Him 
for all matters
we're not being grateful
we're not being thankful
for what ever granted by Him
all we do is
mourning and craving for the things
which are not fated to be ours
we don't say "Thank you Allah for everything I have"
instead we always say
"Why can't I get what I want?"
and blaming Allah in everything
who are we to ask for anything from Him
while many of His rules, we break
many of His commands, we ignore 
and we still dare to ask from Allah
to give us everything that we really want
in this world?
shame on us! shame on you! shame on me!
to be such servant of Him
from now on 
I learn to accept everything
with an open heart
from now on
I learn how to appreciate
every gifts from Allah because I know
"Allah knows best" and I know
what is mine is mine
what is not mine is others
it's not my share so,
I don't deserve to take it from them
be grateful to Allah
is the safest way to become the happiest Muslim
now and in the Hereafter

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