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Friday, 29 November 2013

A story behind the scroll


I went through my student life in IIUM for about five years and all I can say is that I'm proud to be IIUM student or should I say, IIUM graduand. IIUM had educated me and transformed me into a better person. It had turned me into someone 'extraordinary' and occupied me with self-confidence in everything I do. If previously I was a very shy, timid and quiet person but now I've more courage to speak out my mind and how I feel upon something. I surely had learned a lot of things as long as I had been ann
 IIUM student. In IIUM, I learned how to make friends with strangers (as I learned how to make the first move to say hello), I learned how to communicate with people well, I learned how to be more participative in class discussions, I learned how to mingle with lecturers, so many other stuffs. 

Alhamdulillah... I learned a lot actually from IIUM...
I feel truly blessed staying in this university.

You have no idea how much this photo means to me. When I was a little girl, I always thought that I couldn't do many things. Unlike my older sister. I felt like I had no capabilities in giving my best in academics and I didn't think I can perform well in co-curriculum too. I had such low self-esteem during those days. The only people who always had faith in me and always thought that I could achieve my goals back then were my mother and kak uda and kak long. These three people, they never lose faith that someday I could be a successful person. As I walked along the stage to take my scroll, there was a flashback playing in my mind regarding my struggles in order to reach the peak of success. Since I was small, I had never achieved any awards from my previous school. How sad was that... until I reached secondary 4, for the very first time I got first place for my stream, Social Science. 

Then, the next year, I got an award of SPM best student with the achievement of 8As. Alhamdulillah... When I registered myself intoo any IPTAs, I already expected that I would get IIUM as my chosen university. I don't know why. It's like Allah had chosen this university for me and Allah had decided that I would be wearing its robe during my graduation day showing that I would graduate no matter what. Seriously, I had experienced repeating the same paper twice and I know how it feels. I felt so horrible and useless because my other friends, most of them had passed all papers smoothly. I always thought that they were more intelligent, smart and capable of doing so many things in their lives. But, that kind of thinking stopped immediately when I realized that the scroll written on it Bachelor of Human Sciences (English Language and Literature)(Hons) was in my hand. I felt like tears were almost running down my cheeks as I received the scroll. I never imagined that I had gone this far. Without Allah's blessings and mercy, together with supports from family, lecturers and friends, I wouldn't be able to succeed.

No matter how successful I am now, I'm still the same Wan Hazimah.
Timid, humble and lack of confidence. But I have improved and still improving myself 
to become better and better. The difference is just, now, I am the one who is passing the knowledge to the next generations and I hope all the knowledge I got from my teachers will benefiit the younger generation to brighten up their future.

Due to supports and du'a from my loved ones, I wouldn't have reached the peak of my success. 
Thank you for all the blessings and loves that you give me through all these persons, my dear Lord.

I really hope that someday I could get the chance to open a new chapter in my study life,
which is getting on stage to get my Master degree scroll.
Insya Allah.


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