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i know what's right and what's wrong. i am cheerful and out going. it's hard for me to find the one that i want, but once i find the right person, i won't be able to fall in love again for a long time.


"Do what you love and you'll be good at it. Sounds simple enough. But what if you love reading comics, playing video games and watching korean dramas until your eyes pop out? Is it possible to make a career out of such things? What's the alternative? Spend all your time wishing you were brave enough to take that leap? Don't let fear stop you from doing what you love. Because ultimately, it's about being true to yourself."


Friday, 22 November 2013

Let's be friends again, shall we?


sometimes things don't work out as we plan
we want this thing to happen but it turns around
whenever i feel like i'm ready to get married
many challenges that i need to face
i got failed
i may not know what's best for me and for we both
but i do know one thing for sure
no matter where we go, how far we live
we always have 'us' in our hearts
and that is 'friendship'

love chain may not last
but friendship chain will remain until the last breath

so, will you do the honor of becoming my best friend again?
let's be friends!
best friends!

and that's the safest way


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