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Friday, 29 June 2012

Why is Islamic Literature is an important course?


Alhamdulillah. I learned a lot today in both Dr. Mahmoodul. Now, let me just briefly tell you about those things I learned in ISLIT class.

In today class, Dr. Mahmoodul simply gave us a short description about the course. He said that the title of the course is supposed to be Muslim Literature because it is more appropriate to be called that what rather than Islamic Literature? You know why? Because when we say 'Islamic' and since we know that it is obviously an adjective (which describes a noun) it means that the thing must be closely related or connected to the religion of Islam. So, when we say 'Islamic Literature' it simply means that the literature must contain only Islamic ideas or viewpoints.

Other literature which are not Islamic do not belong to the Islamic literature itself although they are all written by Muslim writers. However, it is different when we say 'Muslim literature.' 'Muslim literature' indicates that although the literary works do not (necessarily) contain some of the Islamic values, but as long as it is written by the Muslims, it s considered as Islamic literature. Got it? 

Okay, I apologise. I know that my explanations are quite confusing. Actually, this isn't exactly what Dr. Mahmoodul had lectured us. I just paraphrased it but in sha Allah the meanings are still the same. Don't worry. Just bear with me. In sha Allah in the next next posts, when I narrow down all the things that I had leanerd in ISLIT class, I'm sure that you're gonna get a clearer picture about the ISLIT and you yourself might be able to distinguish between Islamic literature and Muslim literature.


Before the lectures started, Dr. Mahmoodul asked us one question.

"If Topics in Islamic Literature is not made compulsory, will take this course?" 

(For your information, ISLIT is actually one of the major courses that BENL students must fulfill in order to complete their studies. If not, our graduation certificate will not be complete)

According to the survey, most of said "Yes" instead of "No." Dr. Mahmoodul was quite happy for the responses and he stated that it was a good sign. Honestly, I sort of knew what Dr. Mahmoodul was about to say during that time. Probably he really did want to stress that how much important ISLIT for us to learn. Okay, ISLIT is not just for the BENL students to learn, it's for all. I can say that students from other kuliyyah are also welcomed and so much encouraged to  take this course as their supplement. Why? Because Dr. Mahmoodul said,

"... if we don't appreciate (as in study) the works of the previous Muslim scholars or writers, the next generation will never appreciate ours..."

Well, that's what he said and personally I 100% agree with him. Seriously, ISLIT is not meant for BENL students only, it's for all! Even students from Kuliyyah of Engineering are recommended to explore more about Islamic or Muslim literature in their leisure time rather than spending their 24 hours on the machines. The same goes to Law, ECONS, and students from other kuliyyah as well. I'm saying this because I am a writer and a poet (think so) myself and I want to us to preserve our own literature or poetry.

Aha... another reason why ISLIT is important because poetry (or generally literature) is considered as one of the most powerful weapon for the Muslims, other than prayer (du'a). Why did I say so? Because literature has something to do with our culture and language and I believe that many of us aware that language is a very crucial means of communication of the people in this world. Language in line with literature is so beautiful and it affects us in our everyday lives. Language is so powerful until it could make one's heart turn around from what it is used to be. 

One more thing. If you ever read literature and if you notice, when we read a literature (say a poem or a prose), we are sort establishing a bondage or relationship with the authors. This is because literature itself is the product of the author's emotions, ideas, thoughts and feeling about something. So, if we are the kind of people who enjoy reading literature, we are would be aware that the author is actually talking, communicating with us. I feel this every time I read other people's novels and poems. Well, I don't know whether you might feel the same or not. It you wanna know, you should try yourself. Really.

Oh no! It's already 01:17 am! It's getting late and I still don't have the guts to wash my brother's uniform. Frankly speaking, there are lots of things I wanna share with all of you, my blog readers. But I just remember that there are some responsibilities that I still haven;t fulfill for today. Forgive me for updating this blog late. In sha Allah next time I try make it on time.

Whatever it is, just remember Allah in everything you do. In sha Allah, you will gain barakah from Him.

Take care.

See you soon!

p.s.: Tomorrow is a special day! A moment when I would skate with my good buddy on the ice in Sunway Pyramid.  Can't wait for tomorrow! Bismikallahumma amuutu wa ahya...


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