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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Ice skating with Husna :)


Today is Saturday. Yesterday was Friday and you know what, yesterday was the most special day ever for both me and Husna. Remember Husna? She's my best friend which I have known since we were in CFS, IIUM, Nilai. Just so you know, she's the first person I had known and be friend with during the first time I set my foot in CFS. Amzing, isn't it? We have been best friends for about more or less five years (I think) and  we are glad that we are still best friends now. Hopefully, Allah will bless our friendship forever until we meet again in Jannah.

Speaking about Husna, there's one story I would like to share with you guys here and the story is about the day we spent together "on the ice," which was yesterday. Ice??? Is there any ice in Malaysia? Well, of course! The only place which got an ice court in Malaysia is Sunway Pyramid.

Sunway Pyramid, here we come!

We had our breakfast at IIUM first. We just had roti canai for our breakfast and some hot drinks. Alhamdulillah, thanks to Him for this rezeki. I wonder what do my poor brothers and sisters outside have for breakfast. Praise be to Allah for giving us the best food to eat. 

About 10.30 am, we departed from IIUM. We went to Terminal Putra by car and it was my decision actually. I decide to drive my car and park it at Terminal Putra because I thought that it will be easier for us to get back to IIUM on time. If let's say we went there by Rapid KL bus, I wonder at what time we eould arrive IIUM after we completed our outing. Hmm. Alhamdulillah, I made a wise decision. So, we took the LRT to go straight to Sunway Pyramid. Before this, I never thought that there is a Rapid KL bus which goes straight away to Sunway Pyramid. Because for all this while, whenever I want to go there, I would first take the LRT PUTRA from Gombak station to KL Sentral. Then, I have to switch to KTM Komuter until Subang Jaya station. There, I need to ride on a mini bus straight to Sunway Pyramid. So, it will be a tiring journey for me. But then, I discovered a new way which is the easiest way for me to get there without even tiring myself, which is by taking LRT PUTRA from Gombak station until Kelana Jaya station and take a bus which could take me directly to Sunway Pyramid. So, that's how Husna and I got to Sunway Pyramid, by both LRT PUTRA as well as Rapid KL bus. But, it took quite some times to reach there. We spent about an hour for just staying in the LRT and another few minutes to arrive at Sunway Pyramid. Whatever it is we enjoyed our journey very much! We're back Sunway Pyramid!

Once upon a time in Sunway Pyramid...

When he had arrived at Sunway Pyramid, we didn't immediately skate on the ice, but we took a short tour in the building for a few minutes. After that, we had our lunch together at KFC. We ordered dinner plate set and we shared. I said to Husna, "If only Aishah sees us sharing our meals and eating together she might say, 'Husna dengan Zimah ni asyik makan berdua je!'" And we laughed. The reason why I shared meal with Husna is that I didn't feel like eating at that time. Maybe it was because of my impatientness of wanting skate on the ice again after not skating for quite a very long time. I felt so enthusiastic to skate again for the third time with my besfriend, Husna, until it made my tummy to not feel hunger for food anymore. Don't you feel I actually transgressed myself? Quitelah.

So, after we finished our lunch, we went straight away to the ice skating counter to pay for the entrance fee. But do you want to know the most interesting part? We forgot to bring our gloves! Ta-da! Geramnya! Both of us were so regretful of our carelessness. How come we forgot about the most important thing in ice skating; the gloves! And you know what, that was the second time I forgot to bring along my gloves when I knew that I wanted to ice skate and that was also the second time I brought the new gloves for myself. What a waste! If my mother knows this, she could be so furious towards me. So, let's keep it as a secret. He he.

 At first I thought if we we want to purchase new gloves, the price would be expensive, say RM 30. But then as we wanted to pay the entrance fee and buy the new gloves, the total fees that the cashier keyed in on the cash register was only RM 23! Okay, that was quite okay for us both. So, we were so relieved. "Alhamdulillah, not that expensive," said Husna and I just smiled. As usual, after paying the the fee, we entered the place and go straught to the shoes counter to get our own skate shoes. The size of Husna's shoes was 37 and mine was 40. What big feet I have! We wore our shoes, tied up our shoelaces tightly and be ready to skate! As we entered the ice court, as we stepped our feet on it, I said to myself, "Here I am! Standing exactly on the smooth surface of ice!"  "Let's start skating!" I shouted silently. Thus, we skated! Yippeee!  

We skated... and skated... and skated so happily, so delightfully, so excitedly! Siapa yang tak happy setelah sekian lama tak skate, akhirnya dapat juga diriku skate atas ice tu lagi. He heAnd what made us more exhilarated is that the ice court was not compact with so many people. So, we could skate freely without worrying about crashing or bumping on to other skaters. Well, that was just in the beginning of our skating. As hours passed by, lots and lots of people entered and the ice court was getting more and more  crowded.  

To make the story more interesting, as we were skating, Husna and I saw this one guy skated all by himself along the ice court. Seemed he didn't have any friends who skated with him, so we tried to make friends with him. You know, just to add some more friends in our friends list because for me, I think the ice court is not just a place where we can do the skating but it is a social place, whereby we can get to know more and more people, regardless of what religion they are practicing and where they come from, who are physically and mentally different from you. With that you will realize that how much you can learn from them about life. But in our case, we didn't share many things with our new friend. Instead, we just made up a simple conversation with him as he was quite a shy person. We thought that he could be someone who rarely to speak to girls and tell you what, that was our first time of being acquainted to someone who is totally a stranger to us. But for friendship reason, I mustered up my courage to start greet him with a smile. Alhamdulillah, who expects that he would respond to my greetings so well. So, we asked his name, where is he studying and so forth. He introduced himself as Azri and he's doing his diploma in mechanics at Segi College. One thing that made us interested in knowing him is that by looking at the way he skated. He skated like an expert and that made us want to know him because we thought that he could teach us to skate properly but it was just an angan-angan. Lol.

"Selalu main ice skating ke?" I asked him.
"Tak selalulah." He replied.
"Selalu main seorang, ek?"
"Kadang-kadang main dengan kawan tapi hari ni main seorang je."
"Oh..." Husna and I responded.
"Ambil kelas ke? Sebab tengok you main macam terer je."
"Tak adalah. Belajar sendiri je. Tak terer manalah. Biasa je. Tu yang tengok-tengok orang main tu." He smiled. 
"Oh, tak apalah. Kami saja je nak kenal dengan you. Okaylah. Gotta skate!" Husna and I continued skating.

All I can say that, Azri was quite friendly sebenarnya but maybe he just didn't know the right way to talk to girls. Tapi, it was okay for us really. It shows that he is actually a good guy and we were glad to know him and befriended him even for only one day. May Allah bless this meeting. In sha Allah.

New acquaintances from IIUM Kuantan!

As we skated around the ice court for many times, we bumped into two Muslims Malay sisters. We stopped skating right behind them. They smiled to us.

"Akak, macam mana nak skate ek? Sukalahlah tengok korang skate." Okay, it seemed like they wanted us to teach them skating but they didn't know that we were also still learning to skate properly ourselves. Lol.
So I said, "Kalau nak pandai skate, kena berani untuk jatuh dan jatuh banyak kali. Ni dah jatuh ke belum?
"Belum lagi." They smiled.
"Haa, make sure lepas ni kena banyak-banyak kali jatuhkan diri ya." I giggled.
"Korang ni dari mana?" asked Husna.
"Course apa?" Husna asked back.
"Saya dentistry. Kawan saya ni ambil pharmacy."
"Wow! Science students. Hebat! I finally exclaimed. I was so proud of knowing new friends from IIUM Kuantan. 

Both of the girls named Lin and Piqah and both of them were sweet and cheerful. Hope to see them again in the future. Who knows, maybe during that time we're gonna go ice skating together. Nothing impossible in this world. Right?

Wow, what a long post I wrote. Let's end this ASAP because I need to get home by Zuhur. 

What I can conclude from my outing with Husna is that I learned many things and got to know a few new friends which are to me a good sign of being an adult. We should not be shy in making friends with strangers. They are also like us. Together we are human beings and seems we are living in a multi-cultural and social community, it is so important to socialize with many sorts of people. Sometimes we have to get out from the tempurung that we have been living in (what a word). Instead of increasing the number of friends in our friends list, we can also improve our communication skills with people thus it can make us a better communicator.

To conclude, I really enjoyed ice skating with Husna and I really hope that I could get the chance to skate with her again in the future, though she will be graduating soon. But I believe that there will one time which has been set by Allah for me to meet Husna and on that day, we shall skate again and who knows that by that time, we are professional skaters! Yikes! (I really hope it will be a dream comes true)


I end this post with alhamdulillah and thanks for reading.

p.s.: Husna, thanks for the sweet moment we created together. I just want to tell you that yesterday was my best day ever since we are best friends. Now, we are expert skaters, though not officially yet. Hehe. I love you with all my heart. Take care sayang! 



Anonymous said...

kalau nak jatuh kena pegang lutut tu dulu,sb ais kalau terjatuh mmg parah..sakit dia lebih teruk dari kita jatuh dkt tanah :p

Anonymous said...

zzzz ni azri... hmmm ooo

Anonymous said...

Add me in fb azri_mustafa2001@yahoo.com


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