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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

First day of lectures

                                                                                                                                                            Salam to all my blog readers!

Hello my IIUM friends! Yesterday was my first day of lectures. Sorry, I just got the chance to update this blog today because yesterday I was quite busy. 

For this semester, since I had only registered for two courses, so I got only four classes a week; every Tuesday and Thursday. So I can say that I have quite a lot of leisure time this semester, but not very a lot. I don't know what I;m talking about now. Haha.

Okay. Let's proceed.

So today I would like to write about what happened on my first day of classes, which was yesterday.

My first class, Topics in Islamic Literature, started yesterday at 10 am. As Dr. Mahmoodul came in, he made an announcement. For your information, I was really enthusiastic to start learning with him again this semester (I had taken 20th Century with him before and now I'm doing other course with him again. So exciting really!).

"Assalamualaikum. We cannot have our class today because my parents got sick and I need to take them to the hospital now..."

Then he told us about his parents coming to Malaysia and he requested them to stay here with him and his family for quite sometimes. But then when they arrived, they fell ill. Poor them. Maybe it is because they still cannot suit themselves with the whether in Malaysia (I think so). So they are like having a "cultural shock" or something.

However, deep in our heart I believe that many of us were actually screaming excitedly about the announcement. Dr. Mahmoodul meant that after he said a few words he would let us go. But he gave us some homework and asked us to bring them in the next class. But the students were still delighted because we were able to leave the class early yesterday.

Seems this is an Islamic Literature class, so Dr. Mahmoodul gave us a task whereby we have to do a small research regarding "literature" itself. I believe he asked us to do this in order for us to get a clear picture about what literature is all about first before he started lecturing us everything about it.

So here are some tasks that he gave us (including the questions that we need to answer):
- What is literature?
- What is the Islamic position of literature? Does Islam allow it or not?
- During the Prophet's time; did he encourage or discourage literature and who are the Muslim poets?
- The Prophet SAW gave his last sermon (farewell speech). In his sermon, what did he say?
- The Prophet SAW wrote some letters to some rulers to invite them to Islam. Find the letters.
- Hassan bin Thabit: Try to find some of his poems (in Arabic or English translation).

Hence, this evening I began doing my Google search. Oh, but before that, I went to the library and searched for the book that Dr. Mahmoodul asked us to search. The book titled, "Muhammad: Man and Prophet" but I was very upset because I didn't find one on the shelves. On the other hand, I found some other books which contained a few letters written by the Prophet SAW to some rulers of the big countries during his time. Without wasting time, I loaned the books and then went to the photocopy shop to photocopy all the letters of the Prophet SAW as Dr. Mahmoodul requested. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah for making things easy for me. I thought I would never meet such books and I was so afraid that how can I possibly face Dr. Mahmoodul in our next class without the tasked being completed. I would be so embarrassed by my own irresponsible act. But, with His help, I had escaped myself from the trouble.

So, I have done with ISLIT homework! Phew! Enough with ISLIT story then. Now I shall proceed with the evening class, which was Pragmatics.

Okay, what about Pragmatics?

Well, our Pragmatics lecturer is best known as Dr. Normala. The first time I saw her talking in front of the class, I blurred. I just didn't know how to describe her and how I felt about her. Simply to put, it was the first time I did not have any impressions about someone during the first time we met like I used to before. Weird, isn't it? But honestly I believe that she is such a loving lecturer, just like my other BENL lecturers; Dr. Zurahani, Dr. Maskanah, Dr. Rozina, etc.

Dr. Normala began our class with a brief introduction about herself and the course. She said that each and everyone of us would be a good communicator after taking Pragmatics with her. Wow, I hope so! When she  briefed us about Pragmatics, all I can say that Pragmatics is just like the other Linguistics courses that we had taken before; Morphology, Phonetics, Introduction to Language, Psycholinguistics, etc. because when I scanned through the textbook, some of the components of the courses that I mentioned above are in there. Most probably, I am going to learn the same things again this semester but still there will be some new things that we will explore in Pragmatics and I just can't wait for it. Yikes!

Oppss! Wait a sec! I'm not finished yet! I got more stories to tell. So stay tuned!

Last night, we held our first meeting of TELESQOP 2. In meeting I just got to know the full name of the abbreviation TELESQOP. Actually, the word stands for Tutoring and Learning the Significance of the Quran. Oh... now I get it! Our new programme manager is Irfan (Head of TNL bureau of QYC) and his assistant is his own assistant in TNL bureau, which is Kak Khaty. This time, in TELESQOP 2, I'm the committee of catering bureau. So I'm going to handle all issues concerning food and drinks for all the participants, VIPs as well as committees. The only sad thing about TELESQOP 2 is that we are lack of committees and facilitators. This is because not many of the QYCians are doing the short semester. Most of them have already started their practical outside. So, it's very difficult for them to join the programme this time. In our discussion last night, we have decided to recruit new committees and facilitators ourselves. This means that we're not going to open booth anymore, instead all we need to do is that is to invite and persuade our own friends to take part in the programme. Hopefully Allah will guide us and help us to accomplish the mission. In sha Allah.

We are coming to the end of the post...

To conclude, I really can't be patient to wait for my next lectures. You know why? Because I had set my goal for the new semester. I want to study hard and study smart for the sake of Allah SWT alone and I want to become successful just like my Muslim icons, Datuk Siti, Dr. Afifi, and Heliza Helmi did. Most importantly, I want to be as successful as my beloved prophet, Prophet Muhammad SAW and his wife, Khadijah. I want to follow the footsteps of all our best khulafa' in leading the ummah towards achieving the blessings of Allah SWT. Hopefully this time I won't fail but if I fail, I will never feel give up to stand up again. In everything we do, we should put our faith in Allah and also in ourselves. Because if people think you can't do it, you are the one who believe that you can do anything because there's no such thing as "impossible" in this world as long as Allah wills.  

So, let's be positive, confident and consistent in whatever good deeds we do every day.

All the best!

p.s.: Today. I'm so happy! Thanks to Allah for planning all the good things happened today.


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