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Monday, 11 June 2012

Let's sum up!


Alhamdulillah... we had just finished our sem 1 for session 2011/2012. How's everyone? Hope everyone is in a good health along with the blessings of Allah.


Okay. There were a lot of things happened throughout my fourth semester in IIUM. Well, other than holding a position as an Assistant Head of one of the bureaus in Quranic Youth Club (QYC), not to mention there were also tones of sweet and bitter moments which I had gone through whether with the company of my friends or even by my own self, as long as I'm called IIUM student and more precisely English major student.

Seems everything is over, so let me just sum up some of the highlights which I experienced throughout the semester.

Okay, first and firstmost, things regarding QYC. Alhamdulillah, this semester was the first time holding such a crucial post in QYC, which is Assustant Head of Publication and Information Bureau or rather be called as PNI. My job is to assist my head of bureau in doing all the things concerning media and also publication, like taking photos of all QYC programmes, creating a montage video to promote QYC programme, recording meaningful moments when a QYC programme is in progress, producing risalah, updating QYC website with latest issues and many other stuffs pertaining information about current issues or QYC itself. Interesting isn't it? Yet tiring! But I did enjoy my works. Seriously!

So far, alhamdulillah, for the first time QYC had produced its own buletin or risalah. The very first risalah in the history. The name of our risalah that we wad agreed for is "The Quranic Wave." How macho is that? 


Previously, Kak Aini, our Vice President 2, used to tell me that QYC had never come out with a single bulletin or risalah which was quite sad actually. Because all I know about bulletin is that it is one of the means that we can use to tell the public about our club. This is how the IIUM students keep themselves up to date with all our programmes from time to time. Because not everybody will be online on Facebook. So, by reporting in the risalah, it will make them to get to know what is QYC's latest programme going on in that particular time. Furthermore, from the bulletin also we can share our opinions and ideas about certain issues. To me, our risalah is just like our identity. Some of the articles or masterpieces in it are written by QYC members themselves. Thus, the articles actually portray our stand regarding something. That's why risalah is very important, nit just for our club alone but for all other clubs or societies as well. 

Next, I want to talk about one of QYC programme which I think was the most interesting and exciting one. TELESQOP 2012. Have you heard of it? Okay, to be honest, I already forgot what does TELESQOP stand for. But basically it was a mentoring kind programme which emphasized on teaching the Quran to the little khalifah. For instance, our main focus for TELESQOP 1 were teaching the little khalifah of Sekolah Rendah Agama Integrasi Sg. Chinchin (SRAI) the proper way of reciting the Quran (in this case, Surah al-Fatihah) with right tajweed and also explaining to them the details of the tafseer of Surah al-Fil. To add, we enjoyed all the activities with our little khalifah. This is the time when we could show off our "keabangan" and "kekakakan" in front of our little brothers and sisters of SRAI. Honestly, there were so cool and awesome! This was my first time joining such programme and it would be the most valuable memory I will treasure.

I miss them all. Sob... sob...

Sigh! Pheww!

Okay, done with QYC. Now, I want to share with you about my "feelings" problem. Opss, please don't misinterpret my words. Surely I will not say anything about my personal problem here, coz I had been warned by my such caring big sister about not to share anything about your private life to the public. It's just that... I don't know. It's hard to tell, truthfully. Okay, okay. Let me just go straight to the point.

I have a few friends which I have best befriended since the last short semester. There are four of us. At the very beginning of our friendship, we always hung out together; had some cups of tea, spent our sometimes outside, sat together at the cafe and shared about our problems. Simply to put, we did a lot of things together. But as this semester began, everything started to change. I could feel there are a long gap between us. All the good memories we used to create together were gone with the wind. They faded away, slowly. I believe they also feel the same way but they are not brave enough to admit. I don't know. It's complicated, really. To me, things about love, family and friendship are all complicated and only wise people know how to deal with these problems wisely. Just so you know, I'm not a wise a person. I'm still learning about the real meaning of life and I'm still searching for my true self.

Okay, back to my point. What I want to say here is that I just miss my long lost friends. Who? They. If my friends read this, they will immediately know that these paragraphs are actually meant for them. But I know they will never read my blog. Ever. None of them bothers to drop by and read except if I ask them for. But it doesn't matter to me at all. I admit that my blog isn't interesting enough to attract people to drop by, read and leave some comments. What a shame. But no matter how, I will never quit blogging. Yehee...

I still remember one of them did promise me that he would bring me and my friend, Husna, to go eat burger bakar at Wangsa Maju and play ice skating at Sunway Pyramid. But til then, I hear nothing about the person. Only silence. My phone message box is kind of 'empty.' No more messages I receive from that. That is the most thing which saddens me lately but they never know coz they never bother. To them, friendship is all about remembrance. It's okay if we don't keep in touch with our friends as long as we remember them in our prayers. Okay, seriously no one can deny the power of du'a but to me keeping in touch in our friends show that you are still care about them, don't you think? But never mind. Everybody has his own stands and I can do nothing but respect and accept that. Although there are like that but only one remains faithful to me and I totally appreciate that. May Allah bless my friend.

Okay, let's continue with other topic. 

Beside every bitter memories, there should be sweet memories. Beside every bad people, there must be good and there's always Ying  beside Yang. Although I experienced bad feelings about my long lost friends, Allah with all His mercy replaced them with new friends. These new friends of mine are kind, sweet and accept me just the way I am. I like the way they treat me as a friend. There are just what a good friend should be and I salute them for that. I cried a a lot every time my mind recall about my long lost friends but with the presence of my new friends, all my sadness are taken away. They omitted my sorrowness. They destroy my tears whenever I cried to them telling how disappointed I was towards the attitude of my long lost friends. These new friends of mine are truly amazing! May Allah bless them.

Okay. I'm tired of writing this long post. 

I'm not sure whether this has covered up everything or not for the last semester. But I hope I would never write such post again in the future. Lol.

So long. Have a nice breaks, my friends :)



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