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Monday, 25 June 2012

New semester! New mission! New goal!


Dear readers,
How are you doing? I'm doing fine. Phew! Alhamdulillah, we have come to a new semester of the session 2011/2012, which is the third semester. Okay, this is the second time I'm taking short semester so long I'm studying in IIUM. Before this, my mother told me that IIUM was so quiet with no students "lepaking" at the HS cafe and wandering around. But now, we can see groups of students are walking here and there, looking for their destinations. Not only the new intakes but including the CFS students as well are very busy looking for their classes and stuff. Not to mention the senior students who are still struggling to add some more subjects into their schedule in order to add up their credit hours. Well, they have to because it will be a waste if they only take one course when they got to stay inside the campus for about two months! What do they want to do in such a long period of time with no classes and all? Don't you think so?

Unlike me, I think I'm very fortunate. Okay, let me correct it. Not just me but all my BENL friends are quite fortunate actually because we had been offered many major courses for the third semester. Alhamdulillah. There are about six to seven courses offered by DELL (English Department) for us to register. If you ask me, I registered only two courses for this particular semester; Introduction to Pragmatics and Topics in Islamic Literature. Pragmatics is one of the specialization courses (Linguistics) I'm taking this semester. I'm so grateful that I could register this course for the semester because according to my friend, Iman, Pragmatics is barely offered by DELL for every semester. I'm not sure why but whatever it is I'm so thankful to Allah because if it wasn't for His will and mercy, Iman and I would never get the chance to take this course until the final year (since I'm specializing in Linguistics, it is very crucial to take this course in order to complete my specialization here). So, since it had been offered this semester, we just thought that why couldn't we grab the chance if we still could, right?

So, today I got no class. No at all! So boring. One thing I dislike about short semester is that we only have classes twice a week for each subject (in my case who takes only six credit hours). That's why I like long semester more because everyday we attend lectures and learn new things. But during the short semester, we have so many gaps. What do you think I want to do to fill up all the gaps? Perhaps when the lectures have started, I would know what to do. Wait a minute! I think I forgot something. Hey, I'm still a QYCian, aren't I? Oh, I forgot to tell you that QYC is holding the second TELESQOP this semester. Can't wait for it. Aha! That's what I'm about to tell you. Truthfully, I still can fill up my spare times by involving myself in all programmes organized by the club along the semester. How come I forgot about my beloved club. Forgive me for that. Lol.

However, seems this morning I got no class at all, so I spent my leisure time at SILLC. I'm not so sure whether I spelled the abbreviation correctly or not (excuse me for that) but it is like a mini library in IIUM. But it only provides books regarding languange, mainly Bahasa Melayu, English and also Arabic. To be frank, I always spend my time there learning more about English grammar by myself. Well, that's one of the reasons. Moreover, this is where I do some preparations every time before I start tutoring English to my one and only tutee, Kak Nurlian (IIUM librarian). There, in the mini library, I could find many sources about English which I can refer to. It's pretty exciting. Other than enhancing my English knowledge in order to teach my tutee I can also benefit myself from it. That's why I like teaching profession so much until it has been my ambition to become a teacher or lecturer since I was a little girl. When you learn something in order to teach someone the knowledge, you are also teaching yourself actually. When I teach my tutee English grammar, I understand it better and I can say that my English is improving each day (I think so). To prove, just look at this post. It was written in English, not Malay anymore. Lol. Okay, enough about all the nonsense. Let's move on to the real story.

Dear readers,
It feels so good to see IIUM students back again. I really love this feeling. The noise made by the students in HS cafe makes me feel that IIUM is so alive again. You know what, this is what I have been waiting for during the semester breaks. For those who stay far from Gombak, you will never feel how I felt. I was so unhappy to see IIUM empty with no students (excluding the international students. lol). Only the staffs walking to their offices and go back again to their homes made me feel so melancholic. That shows how much I miss all my IIUM friends. I hope it's not to late for me to say, "WELCOME BACK ALL SENIOR AND NEW-INTAKE STUDENTS OF IIUM TO THE GARDEN OF KNOWLEDGE AND VIRTUE." Don't they sound cool? Okay, forgive me. Seems you can't hear I'm exclaiming, just try to imagine yourself, okay? Lol.

And it would be an honor for me if I can share with you my gratitude to Allah for awarding me such beautiful result for the past final examinations. I never thought that I could get that 'cool' result. For me, I think it is the best result I ever got compared to the previous ones. I know that it isn't due to my efforts alone, but it is actually the product of my parents' and lecturers' prayers and blessings and also my friends' supports. A big "thank you" to all of them. This best result of mine is not merely for me but I consider it as a "gift" to those who never stop cheering me up and those people are the ones who always think that I can do my best in my life. And most important of all, of course, if you don't have a good relationship with you Lord, which Allah SWT, you'll never be on the peak of the success as you wish. So, thank you my Lord for this beautiful gift.

So, my new mission for this new semester is that I want to start study hard and smart. I want to be more serious in my studies. My studies are my priority now and I don't want to mingle with "time wasters" anymore because a new thing I learned from one motivational book that I've read titled Zero to Hero is that time is so precious. It will never wait for us but it us who have to consume it only with beneficial things. To add, my new goal is mardhatillah and His jannah.

May Allah make things easy for me. Insya-Allah.

Okay, finally, psst! Actually, I was supposed to go to the library and do some readings on the academic journals written by the intelligent shcolars and professionals. But I just changed my plan. I'm too lazy to walk there because in half an hour time, I need to pick my brother, Zaim, up from his school. So, I thought it would be lovely if I could share with you some of my thoughts in the beginning of my fifth semester here. At least you will get a clearer picture about the first day of the short semester in IIUM. You agree?

Okay. I think I shall stop now and be ready to fetch Zaim at his school. If I got free time, I'll consistently update my blog with more interesting stories throughout the semester with you guys.

So long.

Let's start our days with bismillahirrahmanirrahim...



Farizul Ikhmal said...

Assalamualaikum, sister. I'm a new BENLian here. Just want your opinion, what do you think about new students taking some courses like Islamic Aqidah & History of Modern Europe for their very first semester?

Zimah Zaiwani said...

wslm. thank you for dropping by. excuse me, "history of modern europe?" hmm... is it a new course offered by our department? honestly, i've never heard of it. is it a major course or a specialized course?

Nabaa Afridi said...

hi...i wanted to know if architecture students are required to take classes in the short semester ? Is it compulsory ?

Zimah Zaiwani said...

nabaa: 'm not so sure about that. need to ask the department.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum I'm a benl student who will start my undergraduate studies this September. I'm in the process of pre reg and just like my fellow benl-ians I have registered for Intro to Linguistics, Lit Genre :Poetry, Intensive Expository Writing, Science of Hadith and Rasok.
So I'm just wondering can I add another subject preferably a HS subject like Intro to Psychology? Because currently my credit hour is 15. Will adding another 3 credit hour be a burden to me? Or do you think it is still bearable? Hope you can reply soon thank you:)


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