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Wednesday, 23 September 2009



Happy Eid Mubarak everyone! It seems true that time is really our close enemy. It really envies us. Don't you realize that it's already Wednesday and today is already the fourth day we, Muslims, celebrate our Hari Raya? How fast! Yeah... time does moves faster. It can't wait for us any longer. The day will be arriving soon! The question is are we prepared to face those days? Let's together muhasabah.

Okay. It's not about the Day of Judgement that I want to highlight here, instead it's the final examinations I want to talk about. I'm so worry for these upcoming exams. I can't sit still everytime I think about it. The problem is I can't focus. I can't focus in my revisions. Me myself don't know what's wrong with me right now. Maybe I am so much think about the thing that is not necessarily happen in the next day. I am absurd in thinking about things that going to happen in the future until things that taking place in the present are being ignored.

I always think about my new life as an undergraduate student in the main campus. What will I look like? Will I get the chance to become the best student in my course? Will I face the challenges with courage? Will I see my old friends again or will I get good new friends? Will I this...? Will I that...? Arrrghhhhh!!!!

What about the exams that I will sit starting from tomorrow? I am so worry about my new life when I have moved to Gombak but don't I care about the final exams which will decide whether I am qualified to graduate from CFS or not?

Actually, the thing is I am not confident to take these exams or should I say I am not even well prepared to answer those questions. Do you think I still have time to do some more preparartions for the exams?

Oh Allah, please help me!

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Fatin Husni said...

Selamat Hari Raya Hazimah. Best of luck for your finals :)


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