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Saturday, 12 September 2009

In Memory: Inter-class Drama Competition


Actually, there are so many things to be shared. But, I've no mood to write it down here. Perhaps, I can just put some photos here which I had taken from some of my friends' Facebook profile, like Fatihah, Nazrin, Siti and others.

Hmm... sadly to say, only one photo got my face. How sad...
Hehehe... but, I don't mind. To me, their photos are much more important than mine.
Don't you think so?

Okay, I better stop mumbling. Enjoy watching the photos!

During the rehearsal day

All our incredible casts

The hardworking crew members

The competition

~Before the competition started~

~During the competition~

~After the competition~

Oh Allah, only you know how much this memory is so much meaningful in my life. I wish you can turn back the time so that I will watch their efforts on making this drama successful.

For all the members of group 2, I want to congratulate you guys for everything you had contributed for this competition. Thanks to all incredible casts for bringing the characters that I had created in this play and not forgotten to my crew friends. Without you, this play could be nothing (Nazrin's quote).

Hope to see you guys again in Gombak!!


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