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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Oral Comm Last Presentation


Hmm... as one of my good friends told me to update this blog, okay today I'll update it!

All right... actually, I have nothing to say here actually...

Here are the some pictures of us which we captured together after the oral class had finished. The truth is, I really want you guys to watch our video presentation. Unfortunately, there is some technical problem in blogger, so the video could not be uploaded.

1) Oscar Award

Our 'funny' mcs

Mcs, presenters, and winners

I really miss our presentation. I wish someday we will be together again and do the same presentation also together.

Insya Allah the time will come.

p/s: Millions thanks to all my group members; Ct, Rin, Munirah, Azie, and Anisah for your cooperation making this presentation became the best presentation ever for special occassion. Without people like you, I don't think our classmates would laugh at our presentation. Girls, I really miss that moment! Thanks to all! I LOVE you for Allah... Insya Allah...

2) Charity

Oppss! I am terribly sorry. I forgot that I hadn't captured the pictures of this group. Even though, they had done their best to do the presentation. To be honest, their presentation was quite simple, however, I do LOVE it.

p/s: Congratulations to all of you; Miss Amirah, Mrs. Hannah, Mrs. Haziqah, Datin Farissa, and last but not least the cute little Anis (best student for UPSR) for you big effort doing this presentation.

3) Wedding

During the priest's speech

The mother, the bridesmaid, the bride, Miss Atiqah (lecturer),
the groom, the best man, and the priest.

I have to admit that this group presentation was really awesome. They dared to spend a large amount of money on the costumes itself just for the sake of this last presentation. What ever it is, I do LOVE their presentation.

Guys, you did your best too!!

p/s: Well done to Asilah, Fatihah, Eza, Halimatun, and Syahidah, for you amazing wedding! Hope to see you again in Gombak! Love you!

4) Graduation Day

Astaghfitullah... how come I forgot to take this group's photos too? Really, really, really sorry guys! I was too preoccupied recording your presentation until I forgot to take your pictures.

But guys, your presentation was also not bad at all.

Congratulations to you too for your effort!

p/s: Good job!; Aliah, Aimi, Michi, Eizyan, and Aisyah!!!

5) Funeral

The dead wife, the Imam, Miss Atiqah (lecturer),
the best friend, the husband, and the ex-lover.

Okay for this part, I have no comment.

But, honestly, I enjoyed watching their presentation.

p/s: Congratulations to Wawan, Rauyani, Mirol, Ali, and Hadi for you effort making this presentation interesting!

Oral Comm last class! Let's take some 'snaps!' Everyone, say cheese!!!

O'oh... I feel like tears are almost running down my cheeks...

I'm afraid I will not see their faces again... But I will always pray to Allah may He
gather us back at the main campus later. I really hope that we could be together again and further our study together.

Insya Allah...

Take care guys!


cha'a said...

salam zimah~~

besh glerz dh abes..
ktorng lom gy T^T
makin selesai sume assignments
makin nk abes sume speeches
mkneny makin nk dkt tamatny sem ni
btw, pics besh2 la~


wan hazimah said...


cha'a!!! rindunya kat cha'a... siannya korang x habis lagi... xpelah. all the best ya on your next presentation!!! insya Allah, boleh.... selamat hari raya... all the best in your exams...


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