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Monday, 27 May 2013

Allah Selamatkan Kamu 27.05.2013


Nik Khatijah Nik Mud aka Nick Khaty Da Witty... hmm... what is the story behind these beautiful names?

 She is my sister, but not biological sister. Mind you! But she's still my sister forever (wink)
Well... at first, we barely knew each other. All I know about Kak Khaty was she's Kak Aan's bff and she was a QYCian (of course!). Wherever I went, there must be the two of them (berdua lebih baik. aha!). In Malay, they are just like belangkas. Cannot be separated. They're like complimenting each other. Without Kak Aan, it would feel strange if Kak Khaty was not beside. "Mana Kak Khaty, Kak Aan?" Kak Aan would be like, "Dia ada keje. Kak Aan sorang je ni." Peliknya! And vice versa.

The first time we knew each other was when we had to cooperate in the "Kronologi Cinta" play. Kak Khaty was the director and I was the actress. The very first moment I saw Kak Khaty, my heart babbled, "Kak Khaty ni masam je muka dia. Tak reti nak senyum ke?!" I always thought Kak Khaty was an arrogant person until then I know it's not that she's been arrogant to people but that's her true self like she always says to me, "Akak memang macam nilah Zmah. Akak memang bukan starter." Okay. Understood. That's Kak Khaty. Cannot change anymore. Hehe.

And... the most thing I paling geram dengan Kak Khaty ni masa mula-mula kenal dulu was when she didn't satisfy with our acting (Kak Chuma's and mine). At that time, I was like, "Cuba kalau Kak Khaty sendiri yang berlakon! Baru Kak Khaty faham betapa susahnya nak menghayati watak dalam lakonan ni!!!" (Alamak... exaggeratenya). 

When Kak Chuma and I kept on forgetting our lines, Kak Khaty seemed to be angry with us. Then, she scolded, "Haa... eloklah tu! Teruskanlah macam tu!" Then, she just walked away to the Exit leaving me and Kak Chuma terpinga-pinga. "What's wrong with Kak Khaty?!" my heart babbled again. "Kak Chuma, Zmah rasa Kak Khaty tak puas hati je dengan lakonan kita..." and Kak Chuma responded, "Tulah. Nampak sangat dia tak puas hati." Sedih gile kot!

Hehe... I was exaggerating again... but that was a long time a ago...

As time passed by... I got to know who the real Kak Khaty is. 

One fine day (chewah!), after a few days Kronologi Cinta had been performed, I asked Kak Khaty to lepak at one of the places where we always had our training and the place was in the Engineering Auditorium A. There, I lepak with Kak Khaty for hours, getting to know each other (dengan lebih dekat lagi) and most interestingly, we acted together for our next play "Bawang Putih Bawang Merah" where I played Bawang Putih role and Kak Khaty was the wicked stepmother. Tak sangka Kak Khaty pandai gile berlakon! I was so excited when the first time I saw Kak Khaty acted on the small stage. She was so talented playing a stepmother role! Haha.

Then... the climax of the day was...

"Kak Khaty, Zmah nak tanya something boleh tak?" "Apa dia? Tanya jelah." While writing on the board, "Apa pendapat Kak Khaty tentang Zmah?" Without hesitation, Kak Khaty replied, "Pertama, akak rasa Zmah ni matang.... kedua, Zmah ni starter... bla bla bla...."
Hehe... I never thought Kak Khaty would be that open when we ask for her opinions about something.

This is where our friendship began...

Bagi saya, Kronologi Cinta ni sangatlah unik and I feel very lucky for being selected as one of the actors. Not because I would be well-known among the IIUM students for involving in a play (organized by QYC pulak tu), but because from Kronologi Cinta, I got to know and got closed with many nice people, especially Kak Khaty, Kak Chuma, Amir, Bangca (Sustra), Kak Wani, Kak Ida... and we became bffs even until today. For me, this is the best gift I ever received from my Lord and I will treasure it until my last breath. 

Actually, this post is written specially to celebrate Kak Khaty's birthday, which is TODAY! 
Happy Birthday Kak Khaty! May Allah grant His blessings on you today, tomorrow and always!

I love you forever in my life.
Forgive me for all the tacing2 things. 

In friendship... three things are important and they make friendship the most beautiful thing is this world:
trust, honesty and acceptance.

May Allah bless our friendship.

p.s.: Kak Khaty, this is for you, on your meaningful day. Hope you like it.


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ensiyahmuhammad said...

saya nak satu on my bday. heeeee and my 'kembar'. tak payah buat utk dia hihihi. :D


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