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Tuesday, 28 May 2013



Today, was  my first paper. EAW. Oh man! It was soooooooooo easyyyyyyy until I can barely describe how eaaaaaaasy it was! Seriously (this is so pretending!). Alhamdulillah, I'm glad I had done with my first paper. The questions were okay but I don't think I did my best for the last part coz I didn't really understand what the question really wanted me to do. So, I just "bismillahirrahmanirrahim... puuhh!!!" and my right hand got the blue pen and continued writing. In my heart, "Tawakkal je Zmah!" So, yeah, I did it. Smile.

#Incident 1

We started our exam quite late. At about 3.05 pm. Actually, we were supposed to start at 3 pm sharp but the instructor who were giving instructions before the examination started just couldn't stay away from the mic. Oh, my gosh, she just love the mic so much. To prove, she babbled so much before we could start answering the exam questions. She had wasted our time! So she merely said, "... seems we started at 3.05, so you will stop answering at 5.05" and I was like, "What the???? Dia yang cakap banyak-banyak sampai drag masa lepas tu tak pasal-pasal kita pulak yang kena keluar dewan lambat. Aisshh, jija!" What to do. I'm not sure what nationality she holds but better not Malaysian. It would be a shame not because I hate her or what. I just can't agree with people who are not punctual and like to drag other people's time. Seriously, I'm allergic with these kind of people. (You better watch out!) In the middle of examination, she went to the mic again and made a few announcements until we (me, especially) started to feel distracted by her voice. As a result, I lost my focus answering the questions. Ada je benda dia nak buat announcement. Memang tak boleh lepas dari mic tu. A few minutes later, ada lagi announcement. Oh my Allah! Patience Zmah... patience... (fuhh!) Even when we had finished answering all questions, she asked us to wait for a few minutes. Err... let me get this straight... not for a few minutes but for about almost half an hour we waited in the hall and did nothing! Aiyyooo.... sabo... sabo... 

#Incident 2

While asyik answering the exam questions, suddenly someone's hand phone was ringing at the back of the main hall and it rang and rang and rang and rang, singing a song which was quite unfamiliar to me (never heard that song before). When it was silent, I was like, "alhamdulillah... bolehlah aku fokus." Suddenly, out of nowhere, it rang again and again and again and again.................... until I started to feel irritated by that song. Luckily I wasn't the only one who was annoyed by the song. My 'neighbors' also felt the same way. If I could, I would like to get up from my seat and go search for the phone, took it and.................. PANG! (macam bunyi penampar je) until the phone broke into pieces (oh, that's the wicked side of Wan Hazimah. lol) Fortunately such thing didn't happen in the hall. Tak pasal-pasal aku yang kena tendang keluar dari dewan exam. But the strange thing was the invigilators didn't bother about the phone ringing. They just didn't care the ringtone of the phone interrupting us and broke our focus while answering the questions. Oh, Allah, what's happening to the world! Again.... Zmah... be patient.... everything will go back to normal and the hand phone will shut its speaker up soon and thank Allah, it did. Pheww! Then and only then, I could stay focus towards the end of the exam period.

Truthfully, this is the first time I had ever experienced such incidents in my whole life while taking a big examination in a big hall like this. Did they purposely happen because I will be graduating soon? Yelah, it's like He wants me to remember a few incidents or events that are meaningful (though not so meaningful) so that I can remember it forever in my life before I leave IIUM soon? (tiba-tiba sebak)



p.s. Let's be ready for the next paper, which is the day after tomorrow-World Literature. Pray for me luvs!

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