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"Do what you love and you'll be good at it. Sounds simple enough. But what if you love reading comics, playing video games and watching korean dramas until your eyes pop out? Is it possible to make a career out of such things? What's the alternative? Spend all your time wishing you were brave enough to take that leap? Don't let fear stop you from doing what you love. Because ultimately, it's about being true to yourself."


Friday, 31 May 2013



Yesterday... fuhh! Alhamdulillah...done with World Literature exam. One of the killing subjects I'm taking this semester. Should I elaborate more about the exam? Err... sangat sadis sebenarnya because I answered the first question wrongly! Again... careless mistake. I didn't read the instructions properly. Oh my Lord! I've lost 12 marks, terbang melayang macam tu je! Oh no!!!! What should I do, man? I told Kak Mei, "Kak Mei, I had mistakenly asnwered question number one! For the second part of question one, tak perasan langsung dia cakap except Tagore's. Macam mana, Kak Mei?" And Kak Mei was stunt, "Hei, dah bold dah ni!!! Ish! Ish! Ishi! (geram)." Oh no.... suddenly I felt like my heart stopped beating and the time stopped running. Hmmm.... what to do. My fault! Seriously. And when I told Kak Yusfa about my carelesness answering the first question, "Alah Zmah... Kak Mei mesti bagi punya markah. Dia takkan tak bagi langsung. Sebab dia lecturer kita. Dia dah bersama dengan kita sejak dari awal sem. Dia mesti faham punya. Lagipun, akak tak rasa jawapan Zmah semua tu salah. Ada yang betul tu dan ada kaitan dengan soalan." I hope Kak Yusfa was right. But what ever it is... it had passed and now I just need to focus on my next papers and tawakkal dekat Allah banyak-banyak! In sha Allah... Allah is full with mercy and Kak Mei will tolerate giving me good grades. Tapi macam manapun, like I always say to Kak Yusfa, "Ini semua exam dunia! Rileklah!" My principle is... do it for Allah and not for anything else.  Of course everyone wants to succeed and pass the exams with flying colours and no doubt I want to be one of those who'll grad with a scroll in my hand but.... if we do it for grades, dean's list or what so ever and not for Allah, to gain His blessings, it will be nothing! Zero! It will be useless and has no values at all! As long as we had struggled and put our efforts on it, just trust that even if we fail or succeed, we will satisfy for what ever Allah had given us in the end. In sha Allah, baek punya! (tetiba)


Yesterday night.... bagi menghilangkan segala tensi yang semakin memakan diri menjawab kertas pereksa yang menyeksakan tu, Kak Yusfa, En and I went to JJ Wangsa Maju. Our port. We went there just because we wanted to release our stress of answering the killing exams. So, our first destination was the food court. We bought sushi from the market and ate them there, at the food court. Sodap!!!

Sushi. Drinks. Our dinner meal for yesterday night. The three of us just love sushi very much! And once En said, "En teringin nak makan sushi pakai chopstick tapi tak reti." "Alah En... senang je. Bagi Zmahlah kan, kalau chopstick tebal macam dekat KLCC tu lagi susah nak guna. Dia kalau lagi nipis chopstick tu, lagi senang nak kepit makanan." "Ye ke, Zmah?" En looked very curious and interested. And I was like, "Betullll!!!!" Hehe. Full of enthusiasm. 

Kak Yusfa, En... they both are my best companions as long as I've been studying in IIUM and interestingly, all three of us got to know each other well since we all had joined in QYC. Kak Yusfa said, "Bagi akak kan, QYC ni memang satu anugerahlah buat akak sebab macam-macam benda akak belajar tentang erti kehidupan dalam QYC ni." And if you ask me, this is what I'll say about how I feel as long as I've been joining QYC so far, "Bagi Zmah pulak Zmah rasa QYC ni hadiah Allah buat Zmah bukan sebab kelab ni best. Kalau yang tu memang no doubtlah! Tapi... sebab dalam QYC lah Allah temukan Zmah dengan orang-orang yang baik yang Zmah boleh jadikan sahabat. Sahabat-sahabat yang Zmah jumpa dan menerima diri Zmah sebagai Zmah semua ada dalam QYC. Antaranya.... Kak Yusfa dan En sendiri..." Terharu tak?? Hehe.

Friends... we can find anywhere but good companions are rare to find. Only those who are selected by Allah deserve to be our companions until we end the journey. As for my companions, susah senang mereka memang akan ada bersama. Baik buruk saya mereka akan terima dengan rela hati. That's why I rather call them best companions than best friends. Just like Abu Bakar and Umar as our beloved Prophet's companions, Kak Yusfa and En Siyah Muhammad play the same role in my life.

I love them both for Allah.


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