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Thursday, 21 July 2011

New update: Transform!


O'oh, I'm in trouble. Ok, actually I'm not really in trouble. What I mean is,
I started to fall in love with make-ups! Arghh! What to do?
But is it wrong, anyway?

He he he... No idea!

I started to build my interest in make-ups after I visited this blog,
Check it out!
(just click on the link and you'll get there)
It's cool, you know ;)
after I was offered by my best friend to be her make-up artist for her engagement!
Wow! It is really COOL!

As an introduction of my new interest, let me show you the cosmetics (make-ups)
of my favorites.

Number one... Silky Girl, of course!
Hmm... maybe because the product is  quite cheap (affordable for a 'student' like me. Duh!)
and they are also cute which can be very suitable to be put on the face of  
young girls like me.
Plus, they are pretty too ^_^

Number two... Avon.
Hmm... maybe because my sister had been working there!
Ha ha ha... kinda bias pulak, kan? No lah.
To me, Avon cosmetics is not bad for young people.
Talking about the price, they are quite expensive but still affordable.
The make-ups are all amazing, especially the lipsticks. I love all the colors of lipsticks that Avon offers,
though I am not a typical girl who loves to wear lipstick. 

Number three... Simply Siti??
Because Siti is one of my favorite celebrities. Ahakss.
Actually, I don't really like this cosmetics because it's too expensive for me to purchase.
I included it as one of my favorites just because it's my mom's favorite cosmetics.
And what do you think if I say Simply Siti is only for the 50's and above?
Just kidding!
Don't get me wrong. It's still cosmetics then and I just want to support
our local products. That's all ;)

Ok. Let's stop here.
I'll update more on make-ups, cosmetics, skin care and everything

Take care of yourself!

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