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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Yup, He's my friend!


See above picture? Who do you think he is? A man? Of course! A student? Well, at first he doesn't really look like a student at all. He looks more like a politician himself. But, the term 'mahasiswa' there clearly proves that he is a student after all. LOL.

Ok. This is my friend. Syed Kamil al-Hady Syed Md Nasser. We got to know each other since we were in matriculation. In CFS, he was the main board of the Guidance and Counseling Club (GCC). I got a lot of information about the club from him. As a senior, he also shared many things about life in campus with me and I do learn so many things from him. Alhamdulillah.

However, we're not in the same track though. One is a soon-to-be politician and the other one is a soon-to-be teacher (insya Allah, amiin). But the path that we're taking is still the same, which is seeking mardhatillah.

He's doing Human Sciences, majoring in Political Science while I'm doing English Language and Literature and Insya Allah will be majoring in Linguistics. Although we seldom meet, we know each other quite well. Well, life in Gombak campus is getting hectic day by day. We need to focus more on what we have been doing for the time being. Other things seem not to be our priority. What is the most important thing is that our goal. We know what do we want to achieve by the end of this journey. Thus, we always look forward and never look back.

We were once al-Amin part-time teachers. We spent our two months holiday with our beloved students (while he did his short semester at the same time). We enjoyed our part-time job so much. We learned many things as temporary teachers at the school as we gained a lot of experiences being an educator in English subject as well as a dai'e to our own students. May God bless him.

Speaking of him, if it wasn't because of him, I wouldn't know that his face is published in today's paper. LOL.

Ok. I was stunned for a while. Why was he to tempted wanting me to read today's paper? I felt weird. Might there be something wrong with Syed? Because he's not used to be like this. But then I just forgot about my 'bad feelings' and started to look for Berita Harian.

I went to my mom's office. I walked towards the table at the counter and opened the Berita Harian, page by page. Ok. Nothing interesting. All I can see in there was the picture of Siti Nurhaliza and Syarifah Aini. Great! Hahaha... What is it that Syed really wanted me to see in Berita Harian anyway? I wondered.

As I turned into the Varsiti section... oh my goodness! Subhanallah! It was his picture! He got published on Varsiti cover page. So, that's why he really wanted me to look into it. Sabor jelah... hahaha...

All in all, I am proud of him!

"Syed! Congrats!!!"

Yup! He's my friend!

Salam sayang,
Qamar Purnama

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