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Friday, 4 January 2013

ECG and blood test


Let's start our day by saying Alhamdulillah... (Alhamdulillahx3)

We should be grateful to Allah for lending us this "life" again today. There're so many things to be amended. Ourselves, our deeds, our fates... 

Without Allah, we are nothing. Just a piece of dust wandering around looking for a body to stay.
Alhamdulillah, for being alive!

To start the day, I would like to share what I had gone through yesterday. 

Yesterday morning, I went to see Dr. Masitah, the one whom I had consulted with regarding my heart problem. This was the second time I met her, which I supposedly met her last Monday but I didn't have the guts to do so. I went to the clinic at about 9 am and oh my Allah, I had to wait for about 2 hours! How irritating is that! It really tested my patience. I recited istighfar many times silently. It's a common thing for many people to get sick during the exam period. This is when MR STRESS attacks everyone! (sigh)

When my turn arrived, I walked towards the consultation room and sat down on the chair next to the table where the doctor was sitting. I told Dr. Masitah that the pills that she gave me last week weren't effective. The state of my heart is still the same until now. It didn't give any effects at all. So, Dr. Masitah asked me to do ECG to test my heart rate and make a blood test to test my hormone, more specifically she actually wanted to see whether I got affected by thyroid or not. Because according to her, people at my age usually got attacked by thyroid and due to my symptoms it's just like I'd be one of those who could probably got affected by it. 

The nurse asked me to make the blood test first. Blood test again??? This was the third time I made the blood test but previously the results showed nothing serious. I didn't get affected by any diseases... which is alhamdulillah for me to know that I'm still healthy. But tell you what, I feel bored making the same blood test again and again but in the end, I know nothing serious is shown on the paper. It's not that I'm asking for it (naudhubillah) it's just that... just imagine... my blood had being taken for about three times to be tested. No wonder I've become weaker and weaker each day. My blood in my body had become lesser and lesser... I wonder if there could be somebody who wishes to donate his blood to me. (lol)

Back to my story. 

The result of the blood test will be ready by next Monday but the doctor recommended me to go and see her the blood test review right after I finished my last paper, which would be on the 14th. 

After my blood had be taken and kept inside the test tube, I went back to the clinic to make the ECG test. While waiting for the nurse setting up the equipment needed for the test, I lied down on the patient bed as requested calmly but thinking what was really wrong with my heart. Before this Dr. Nurul said I was just fine although I had made the blood test twice and the ECG once but the results said that I'm healthy woman!  But... why is it that my heartbeat becomes slow and slow but the beat sounds so strong until it hurts my chest? Weird... but Dr. Nurul again said most probably my heart was influenced by stress which I thought it  would 100% be the case. 

As all the the wires had been pasted on my body, then the nurses began the test. The result was printed immediately after the test had been done. I went back to Dr. Masitah. As she examined the statistics of my heart rate, she said that my heart beat was not uniform. Sometimes it's okay sometimes it's not and to my interpretation my heartbeat is not normal anymore. 

However, the doctor could not give her final words as long as the blood test result hasn't yet been ready by next week. So all  she advised was that I needed to finish all my exam papers first. After that I shall go and see her to review the blood test result. If there's something serious with my heart or in other words if I got affected by the thyroid disease, the doctor would write a letter for me to be hospitalized. I shall meet the specialist as soon as possible.

For now, I just need to concentrate on my exams which will start tomorrow and keep on praying to Allah may everything will be okay. In sha Allah.

Please pray for me :)


Alang said...

No laaaah..your blood will not become lesser and lesser when u did the blood test..hew3~
Oh sgt terkenang mesin ECG tu..sakit tak masa dia examine kat dada?ergh..x suka ECG tu..lol
anyway..InsyaAllah doa banyak nothing serious happen..^_^

Zimah Zaiwani said...

alang! terharunya alang baca blog zmah! hehehe.... zmah rs mcm seronok je wat ecg tu. hehe.... beselah... org suka dgn equipment2 hospital ni. wahahahaha.... ohh... ckp psl jantung, teringat ms alang skt dl. alang lg tabah kan... apsallah zmah lupa nk consult dgn alang dl. hehehe. btw, than a lot alang! pray for me ya!


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