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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Medical result


I apologise for the late updates about my medical result. But before I start writing, how are you doing? Hope everythings's in a good order. Aha! What about your holidays? What have been up to? Have your started working or maybe joining some exciting programs organized by any clubs or societies at your campus? What ever it is, may Allah ease things for you.

Okay. In sha Allah, now I want to share a little bit about my medical result which I had just taken from the clinic yesterday. Actually, I was a bit disappointed because I couldn't get the chance to consult with Dr Siti Masitah because one of the nurses said she wasn't in. So, like it or not, I got to consult with other doctor instead. At first, I requested a female doctor but maybe the nurses didn't hear me so she asked me to see a male doctor named, Dr Soep. Bolehlah... Dr Soep pun Dr Soeplah... "Lagipun, nak discuss result je kan?" The nurse asked and I just nodded. Okay, Zmah pasrah.

I knocked on the door labelled there "Consultation Room A" and walked inside. I took my seat next to him and we discussed about my ECG test and also my blood test result.

Still remember why I did the blood test? It was to check my hormone. In other words, to detect whether or not I got infected by thyroid. I felt relieve when the doctor said, "Your blood test result showed that you're not infected by thyroid and your heartbeat is also normal."

Alhamdulillah... that means... I'm healthy! But... I'm still confused. If I didn't get infected by any disease, why is my heart beats so strongly? Then the doctor said, "It's becaue you're too skinny. So when your heart beats, it's like it beats your bone... (something like that) because there's no fat covers your organ... (something like this also)..." 

Oooo.... now I understood. So the solution is.... "You need to eat more to gain your weight." Dr Soep smiled. "Doctor, I eat a lot but my weight is still the same. "Haa... takpelah. Baguslah tu."

So, the conclusion is, I'm a healthy woman! It's just that I need to put on some weight in order to be healthier. So, now I've nothing to worry about and can start concentrate on my projects.

Jadi... jom join Zmah, kita mula makan banyak-banyak!!!!!!!! Hehe.

Take care everyone! 

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