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"Do what you love and you'll be good at it. Sounds simple enough. But what if you love reading comics, playing video games and watching korean dramas until your eyes pop out? Is it possible to make a career out of such things? What's the alternative? Spend all your time wishing you were brave enough to take that leap? Don't let fear stop you from doing what you love. Because ultimately, it's about being true to yourself."


Wednesday, 30 January 2013



Is it wrong to miss someone? Like love, feeling longing towards someone, to me, is a gift from Allah for us to appreciate the existence of other human beings. We have no rights to judge whether someone is to be blamed or not for feeling longing towards someone that he/she loves. Yup, that's it! We'll only feel longing when we have someone who is dear to us. Someone that occupies half of our heart. Of course we need to put Allah inside our heart more than everything else, but I'm sure there are some spaces which we reserve for those who we think are so special and meaningful in our lives. Sorry for babbling too much about hati dan perasaan seems I'm not really an expert in this matter. Yet, as a person who had enough experience about this, I think there's nothing wrong in sharing as it's a part of caring. But don't worry. I'm not going to talk much about this. Just that, in case you really miss someone who is dear to you, here are some simple tips that I shared with my ex-student when he asked me, "Cikgu, kalau cikgu rindu kat someome, apa cikgu buat?", here is my answer:

Honestly, I do this every time I'm thinking of someone whom I'm longing for. Not just my family who are not staying with me anymore, but anyone whom I think are the most important people that could affect my life. Be it friends or anyone, either males or females. Why? Because I know that I can't do much whenever I miss them. But of course pouring out my perasaan rindu to all my girlfriends is not a big problem, but if it's meant for my male friends or 'him', I'll be fitnah terbesar for all of them if I do so. So, this is what I do. Just pray to Allah sincerely, go to some quiet and peaceful place, close my eyes and pray to Allah silently and I imagine the wind which blows towards my face will send the message to the person through my du'a to Allah.

This is probably not much but it helps me to cure this feeling of 'longing.'

p.s.: I miss you.

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