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Sunday, 28 November 2010


[mode: really angry. I hate cheaters!]


What is cheating?

Cheating is when we tell people about things which are untrue.

People tend to cheat others just to get what ever they want.
People start to cheat when they want their desires to get fulfilled.
People will continue cheating to ensure that they will get everything they dream for.

But I don't understand something. Why must people do this unhealthy act just because they want to fulfill their desire while they still can work for it themselves? Is it that difficult to struggle just a little bit to get something they really want? Why must they lie to others while they still can make some efforts in order to make their dreams come true?

Answer me please.
Why must we commit cheating?
Isn't cheating is a sinful act which is forbidden for all Muslims?
We already know the punishment we will get from Allah if we cheat others.
But why are we still doing it?

Is cheating can be called a habit?
In my opinion, yes it can. When one is used to cheating on people, he will hardly stop this habit. Because cheating has been a part of his life and he feels difficult to be apart from it. Does it sound weird? A little, but it is the truth in this real world.

I know someone who loves cheating and he has made cheating as his bestest friend. Don't ask me who the person is. You don't want to know.

Cheating has been his habit since his childhood.
He cheats to get money from his mother.
He cheats to get things that he desires the most.
He cheats to satisfy himself.
He cheats to hurt his loved ones' feelings.
He cheats to ... I don't know what else could be the reasons for him to cheating.

This person, he cheats just because he wants to make sure that he will get things that he always wanted.

Advices from people who are closed to him don't seem to be affective at all in sequence to stop this filthy habit.

Cheating can lead one to commit other sins, like killing, stealing, smoking, fighting and so on. Even the Prophet s.a.w. said so in one of his ahadith, if I'm not mistaken. We also realize that cheating is one of a munafiq's attitude. So, let's ask ourselves, do we want to become a munafiq? Of course we don't, right? Munafiq will never get into the paradise and people will isolate munafiqun and they will never get accepted by the society.

So, for those who love cheating, please stop cheating. It doesn't benefit you at all. Otherwise, it will just harm you, probably not in this world, but you will not be able to get rid of yourself from Allah's punishment in the Day of Judgment. For those who never cheats in their lives, please pray to Allah and do something to avoid yourself from cheating.

Cheating is sinful and sinners will be thrown into the Hellfire!
Keep that in mind, will you?


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