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Friday, 19 November 2010

I Need A Camera For Myself


I just updated my novel, "Semanis Kurma Cinta," chapter 11 and now I'm working on the next one; chapter 12. Ok, need time to wash up my brain so that it can produce more ideas regarding the conflict that I will be creating for the upcoming chapters.So, to all SKC's readers! Just be patient and wait for my next updates, okey? Don't stop following my novel. Insya-Allah I will write the best I could if you continue support me.

Hehehehe... (^_<)

I am onlining Facebook at the moment but at the same time I'm blog walking to most of my friends' blogs.  Just to lessen my boredom. Lol.

Just now, as I blog walking to one of my ex-dormmates' blog; during my studies in CFS, Nilai, Saffawati.com, I saw something which captured my very attention. I never knew that Saffa sells cameras, though I know that she loves photography so much but I never thought that she might also does a small business by selling mini cameras. Wow, what a nice effort, Saffa! You're just right in time! I'm honored to become one of your loyal customers! Hahaha...

Yeah, it's true. As a writer, I really need a camera for myself. Why? Hmm... let me think about it first.

Aha! Here comes the answer.

Here I'm referring to how a writer can get ideas to write stories. You know, for some writers they may just get ideas by sitting in front of their laptops in a room for hours and pup! The ideas suddenly come. Some might also get the ideas but just looking at things surround them and I assume that for these kind of writers, surely they have a good memory. Because they can easily remember things they have witnessed, then they can just insert them into their stories. And some might get ideas from other people's works. But it doesn't mean that they are plagiarizing others' ideas, but they adapt it or change it using their own styles. Well, unfortunately, I'm not one of these types.

That's why a camera is important equipment for me to collect as many ideas as possible through photos that I will be capturing using that camera. As for me, I can get ideas to write my stories my do a deep looking at those photos which have been captured. Different writers have different styles. That's all I can say.

But I can only afford to buy the cheap one. For me, cameras like the ones that Saffa is selling is totally affordable for me and I think it's enough for a beginner like me. Insya-Allah, kalau ada rezki, I will buy a 'video-cam' for my writing process (perhaps after I have graduated).

I'm considering to buy Saffa's camera. The blue-white one. May this effort will be blessed by Him and hopefully this will help me improve my novel writing.

Please support me and pray for me.

p/s: Saffa, I need to see you! A customer is ready to buy your camera! (I think so. hehehe)

(^o^) - EXCITED


Saffa said...

LOL. Zimah, kamera tu kamera polaroid. Film dia agak costly. So, kalau nak amik gambar banyak2 macam mahal gak lah.

So, here it is; http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1226457

Actually kamera digital dah murah dah Zimah. RM300-RM500 pun dah boleh dapat. ;)

aline said...

what an exciting experience!/hilarious! Delightful! True!
Buy Cameras

wan hazimah said...


yeke? camera digital ada yg ratusan ringgit dah skang? wahhh!!!! i want one! saffa, i bet u r more expert in this. can u rekemen any digital camera yg qualiti dia elok n berpatutan harga dia x?


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