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Thursday, 4 November 2010

親切な行為 (Shinsetsuna kōi)


I believe many of you might be wondering about the meaning of the title of this entry.

"Shinsetsuna kōi?" What is this? Hazimah has so many Japanese terms inside her heart. Hehehe... But, before I tell you the meaning of this sentence, let me share with you a very interesting story and this had happened to me three days ago =)

The story:

Last three days, I slept in Kak Ema's (my classmate) room, which is at Mahallah Aminah, because she asked me to teach her in Arabic seemed she was going to seat for her Arabic exam on the next day (same with me).

On my way to Aminah, I was walking alone carrying my bag packs, as usual. Suddenly, as I was walking along the pavement, there was one sister riding on her motorcycle stopped by and called me, "Sister, sister." As I looked at her and saying, "Yes?" At first I thought she wanted to ask me way to go somewhere. But then, she asked me. "Where are you going?" At the time being I was wondering why did she ask me which way to go. So, I just told her, "I'm going to Aminah," hoping that she would not ask me anything else because the bags that I were carrying were so heavy! All of a sudden, she offered me something. "Come, let me send you there coz I'm going to Asma' as well." And at that time, I was... "Subahanallah... o Allah, is this your rahmah?" I asked myself.

I was so happy for receiving such a nice offer from a nice girl like her. But, it's not that I wanted to decline her nice intention to send me to Aminah, however, I was afraid that I might bother her to ride me to Aminah with her bike. So, I just said, "Oh, it's ok sis. I can walk myself." But, she insisted me to ride with her. So, I just smiled and said, "Thanks." When I was already on her bike, she asked me, "Ok, are you ready?" I grinned and said, "I guess so." Then we began our journey (hahaha).

You know what? We made a very short ta'aruf on that girl's bike. I asked her where did she come from. She said, "I'm from Thailand." "Which part of Thailand?" I was so curious, which part of Thailand that has such a very generous citizen like her. " "Narathiwat." I was amazed by her answer (really proud of all Narathiwatians. hehe). I thought that all Thai students in IIUM are arrogant but I was totally wrong. Some of them are very nice to others from other countries. As one of my best friends always reminds me, "Zimah, don't judge book by its cover." So now I know it =)

When we had arrived, she dropped me in front of Asma's main gate. That means I needed to cross the road to reach Aminah. Before we parted, I did ask her name because I wanted to remember people who had helped me so that I can hardly forget about them, instead I will remember their kindness for the rest of my life. "My name is Afiah." What a beautiful name, just like the owner, I made a monologue. "My name's Hazimah. Thank you so much sister, for helping me." Then, we shook hands together and kissing each other by cheeks like I usually do whenever I meet my friends. "No problem."

As I walked to Kak Ema's room, I still couldn't stop thinking about Afiah's kindness to me. If only all people in this world have a beautiful personality like her, as in helping people who are in need sincerely, I'm sure all of us can become kins in the future. Kins among the Muslims. Don't you think so?

The moral of the story:

Do as many kindness as you like, insya Allah you will get repaid by Allah the Almighty. Remember, His rahmah is much bigger than the help than we hand to other people who are needing. Do not hope to be repaid by the same person you have helped but do ask for Allah's Mercy and Blessing for the kindness that you have done. Even though the kindness that you show to others are as small as bacteria, or even as big as an elephant (what a weird analogy Zimah, haha) but still if you do it with a full of sincerity (seeking Mardhatillah) you might get the same thing but not from them, but from Allah the Almighty, just like what had happened to me the last three days. Believe it or not? The 'power' is in your hand. Let you decide! ♥‿ ♥

As "Shinsetsuna kōi" represents the meaning of,

"An act of kindness..."


p/s: Ganbatte for those who are still fighting for their exams, pray for me too! Let's pray for each other, may Allah bless our efforts! Aza aza fighting! Bittaufiq wannajah!

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