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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Little Piece of Memories


I am truly grateful being one of the members of this group.
They are all very nice people,
I'm thankful to Allah for putting me into this group
and we really did our best during the performance.
These people are such nice people
and they had supported me a lot
before we had to face 'the big day.'

To all my drama group mates:

Dina, Dila, Alhanof, Emina, Shazna, Hanis, Mira and Hadi,
I LOVE you guys with all my heart.
I'm glad that Allah had brought us together in the same group for drama.
Thank you for being such beautiful friends of mine
and thank you for all your supports.
Because of you, I did my best for the performance.

Really hope that one day,
we'll be group mates again.

Barakallah hulakum...

With lots of


p/s: Sorry for the late posting. Hehehe...


Syfuel Hady said...

Hu3!! I love all of you except you know who... ;) It was a nice and fun experience!! XD

zimah said...

hady..... sp "... you know who..." tu ha??? huhuhu.....

tak baik tau!


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