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Friday, 19 November 2010

What are your dreams?

[mode: Zimah tengah nak demam balik... huhu, oh selsema! Pedihnya!]


Everyone has dreams, at least one. Same goes to me. I have my own dreams. Actually, I have about thousands dreams that I need to fulfill, but let's just make it lessen. Because people always tell me, "We will not get all the things that we dream for in this world." Some we might get them, but the rest maybe will be given in the Hereafter.

That's what we, Muslims, believe, right?

It is so important for one to have dreams. I don't mean it is obligatory, but as human being, it is our nature to make requests for things that we desire. For me, it's okay to dream for something and ask for it from Allah the Almighty, unless it will not lead us to the wrong path (which means against the Syari'ah).

One thing about me that you don't know is that I love daydreaming. Daydreaming sometimes could remind me of my dreams. Don't worry, it's not bad to daydream after all. It's good, especially for a little girl like me (ahha!). But if we go to far to it, then we should start worrying.

Sometimes, when I daydreaming, I will think about the main dreams that I really want it to be fulfilled.
If I were given the chance to have only one day to accomplish my dreams, it will be Friday. Why? Because we all know that Friday is the best and holiest day of all. Of course the other days are also good but for me, Friday is still a special day.

What if I were given free time as long as 24 hours non-stop in that particular day? What do I want to do?

The answer is, I will make sure that at least a few of my dreams are accomplished before Death came to me and took out my life from my body.

What are my dreams?

Well, I wish I could share them in here. However, perhaps the time hasn't come yet to let you know.

Maybe someday. Insya-Allah. When I am truly ready.

For the time being, let them just be my secret \(>_^)/

 p/s: What about you? What are your dreams? Mind to share?

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