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Thursday, 7 February 2013



"Kita bukan pakai tudung, tapi kita tutup aurat. Kalau kita pakai tudung, elok je tutup rambut, tutup kepala, tapi pakai baju dalam dengan seluar dalam je, tak jadi jugak. Yang sebenarnya, kita bukan pakai tudung, tapi kita menutup aurat. Tudung tak semestinya kain. Kalau kita ambil baldi buat dua lubang kecik untuk mata, letak atas kepala, dikira menutup aurat jugak. "
-Ustaz Azhar Idrus

*Kata-kata di atas ni taklah sebijik sangat yang macam mana UAI cakap. Lebih kuranglah. I just paraphrased it. But In sha Allah, mesejnya tak lari. Still the same.

A popular question usually asked by women who are not wearing hijab to us, Muslimah:
"Why are you wearing hijab?"

It sounds simple but difficult to explain. Why? Because sometimes we take things for granted and we do, actually. We take for granted our status as Muslimah. We take for granted our birth as a Muslimah until we don't really understand why do we need to wear hijab. We just know that we must wear it. If not, Allah and His Prophet will be furious with us. That's all!


Do you know that wearing hijab can be more than just putting on a piece of cloth on our head and other body parts?

When we talk about wearing hijab...

It doesn't merely represent our obedient towards Allah's command nor it's the symbol of love and appreciation towards what had been fought by Prophet Muhammad for all women during time of jahiliyyah. And what more, wearing hijab doesn't also merely about covering our hair so that it won't be burnt by the hellfire as all of us don't want that to happen. Yet, wearing hijab is all about how we shield our heart, protect our iman from the evil spirit. Covering our hair and our other body parts that cannot be viewed to those who are considered as our non-mahram is one thing. A piece of garment that is clean, pure, thick, lose and non-visible is needed for us to do so. But, it doesn't stop there. Please don't forget that our hearts should also be covered and protected. Just like our aurah, our heart and iman should also be covered with something beautiful and pure that can restrain it from any black dots and that something is called hijab. And what do you think is the best hijab that we can use to cover our heart and iman?


"O children of Adam, We have bestowed upon you clothing to conceal your private parts and as adornment. But the clothing of righteousness - that is best. That is from the signs of Allah that perhaps they will remember."
(Al-A'raf: 26)


As hijab is the symbol of modesty, it means we should appear modest both externally and internally. We are externally modest when we're wearing clothes that represent our identity as a Muslimah and it doesn't resemble any other religion (well, I think I don't have to mention the characteristics of a Muslimah dress code because I believe that all you, readers, have known them already. It's just the matter of whether or not you accept it to be the dress of your choice). And we are internally modest in such a way that we berakhlak dengan akhlak Nabi Muhammad saw. How? Make him as a role model. Follow all his sunnah and most important of all, plant his attribute of haya' within ourselves. Because that's how we are being modest in the Islamic way.

The winner of Hijab Event Video Contest 2013. Congrats!

So, again, if a person comes to you and ask why you're wearing hijab, just answer:
"Because I simply love myself, my heart and my iman. And, I want to be loved by Allah and His Prophet too."



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