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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sources of barakah


So sorry for not updating this blog for so long. You know... first week of study. Always busy with the add and drop. But no matter how, in sha Allah, today I'm going to refresh this blog. Sorry again to keep you waiting for my new updates.

Remember that previously I did promise you to share some of the knowledge I got from the Productive Muslim course that I had attended last time? Again, I'm really really sorry for not be able to do so much earlier. I got some problems that I needed to deal with at that moment. So, I hardly to sign in to my blog. However, today I'm not going to share all I got from the course. Just a few that I think are the most important ones and you should also be knowing. Hence, today, I'm only going to share with you about barakah.

Q: What is barakah?
A: An attachment of Divine goodness to a thing... (actually the definition of barakah is much longer than this but I didn't have time to write them all. As soon as I get the slides, I'll let you know)

There are 18 sources of barakah.

Good intentions. Every of our deeds should be based on our intention.

Belief and piety in Allah. Taqwa 'alallah.

Putting you trust in Allah. Just trust that Allah always has good plans for us and His plans are always the best.

Reciting Quran. Spend at least 30 minutes per day to recite the Quran; before or after each fard prayers.

Saying bismillah. Remember Allah everytime before we start doing a certain task.

Eating with people. Just like Prophet Ibrahim as always did. He never ate alone. Whenever he has some meals, he would always invite other people to share the meals with him.

Honesty in trade. When we are being honest in our business transaction, Allah will make our rezeki murah.

Dua. By reciting dua each day, it will remind us of Allah always; the only One who makes things happen. By reciting dua, it shows that no matter how easy or how hard our lives might be, we should always be dependent on Him because everything happens on His wills.

Halal income/money. By utilising halal income/money, our rezeki will be more berkat.

Following the sunnah. Simple sunnahs like smiling, giving charity, helping people who are in need, being in the state of purity, eating with the right hand, etc. would be satisfied. 

Praying istikhara. Istikhara is not necessarily to be done when we are doubtful about something. The truth is, we perform istikhara prayer, after we have made a certain decision about something. It's like this. When we have a problem, we think about it and at the same time, we ask for other people's advice too. Then, based on our opinions and their advice, we try to come out with a decision. However, we are not sure whether or not the decision we have made is a good one. Then, we pray istikhara to confirm it with Allah. But, whatever outcome it may be, we're prepared to accept it because we know that Allah knows what's the best for us. As simple as that.

Giving thanks to Allah. Always be grateful to Allah for all His ni'mah because if it wasn't because of Him, we won't be able to enjoy things in this world as we please.  Being thankful to Allah shows how a good servant we can be in the eyes of Him.  

Charity. As you know, charity does not decrese pur money, otherwise it increases it without we realizing. It's like this. The more we give, the more we'll get, although not from the human beings themselves, but surely from Allah. So, nothing to worry about. We shall get our share. So stop being stingy.

Tying ties of kinship. Remember, the first thing done by Prophet Muhammad saw when he first stepped foot into Madinah was to tie kinship between the Muhajirin and Ansar. So, why don't we do the same?

Waking up early. You must have heard these phrases before, "First come, first serve" and "Early birds get the worms." So, think about it. If you really want "the worms," just wake up early before anyone grabs them. If not, they will be finished just before the time and you'll be at lost.

Marriage. Here comes the best part! Surely marriage is one of the sources of barakah. Please don't disagree with me. Even Prophet Muhammad saw himself got married, so why don't us? When we marry to someone, Allah will definitely open for us the door of rezeki, maybe not necessarily in terms of money. It could be in a kind of children, easy to get knowledge, and so forth.

Salah. Obviously! By performing salah, we'll always feel that we are closed to Allah, our God, our Creator.When we so-called rajin solat, Allah will surely make our "dreams come true." When we sort of have a tight and good relationship with our God, He will love us more and grant all our wishes. Isn't this a golden chance for us that all other people, non-Muslims I mean, don't have?

Istighfar. We should seek for Allah's forgiveness not only after committing a certain sinful act, but all the time. Istighfar can purify our heart and easily remove all the black dots inside our heart.

May this piece be useful to you. Don't by shy to share them with your friends and family too. May Allah bless.

Take care. Berehh! ^_<

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