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Monday, 25 February 2013

Imaginary friend VS Invisible friend: What's the difference?


I have this kind of dream, where I could have my own imaginary friend or is it invisible friend ?   
Have you ever wondered of having one? 
Honestly, what is the difference between the both?

Imaginary friends

According to Wikipedia.com,

"Imaginary friends and imaginary companions are a psychological and social phenomenon friendship where a or other interpersonal relationship takes place in their imagination reality rather than external physical . Imaginary friends are fictional characters created for improvisational role-playing."

I made a further reading about imaginary friends in the Wikipedia site. It says that having imaginary friends usually occurs during childhood, sometimes in adolescence and rarely in adulthood. From what I understand is that children will often have their own imaginary friend/s as compared to the adults. Maybe this is because they are lonely and therefore they need someone to accompany them playing within the whole day, talking to them, eating with them or even accompanying them to go to sleep. However, I'm not sure whether this fact can be trusted or not, but logically, it does happen even in these modern days. 

According to the West people, they believe that each of their children must have at least one imaginary friend who will accompany them when the parents are busy at works. On the other hand, their imaginary friend will somehow fade away when they reach the age of teenagers. Some researchers claim that imaginary friend is not a real person but it seems real to a kid's imagination until they are not be able to distinguish them with the real people. This is because imaginary friend is a character which  is created by a kid's own imagination and he/she himself/herself will decide what sort of person the imaginary friend is going to be. Then, he/she will name the imaginary friend with what ever name they like. As I quoted from Cecelia Ahern's answer when she was interviewed for her third novel, "If You Could See Me Now," she said that:

"Children believe so intently that there is somebody with them. Extra places must be set at the dinner table, doors must be kept open, etc. To children, it's real. In talking to people who used to have imaginary friends, I was so excited to hear that they could remember what they looked like. These people actually had an image of a friend, not just an invisible space and a made-up name."

Doesn't it sound interesting, to have our own imaginary friend? For me, it really does!

But the fact of whether imaginary friend does exist or not, based on the Islamic perspective, is still questionable. Maybe someday I will find the precise answer from those who are more experts in this, insya Allah.

Invisible friend

I always ponder upon of having such a nice imaginary friend like the kids from the West have.
So that, they will always be by my side whenever I need them most. 
But, doesn't it sound crazy to make it into reality?
Having an imaginary friend? Yuckss! Come on, Hazimah, it doesn't even make sense!
Okay, how about having something else to replace it. Let say, invisible friend?
What is an invisible friend?

Do you know that sometimes, we, humans, tend to speak to ourselves about any problem that we are dealing with, in each day? That's what I've been thinking for all this while. I'm wondering, rather than talking to myself like a crazy young woman about all my problems, like I'm talking to someone, say my best friend, I would rather choose to have my own imaginary friend. Because, you see, imaginary friend is someone whose job is only to be with us for 24 hours. It's different from the real friends. They cannot be with us all the time, instead they only stay beside us when they need us, but when we are in difficulties and need their company, they'll run away, leaving us alone. However, imaginary friend is completely different. They are very unique. When we are in happy mode, they will stand beside us and share the happy moments with us and when we are in sadness, they will sit next to us and prepare their shoulders for us to lean on and ready to shed our tears.

But, how could this happen? I'm already an adult and the possibility for me to have an imaginary friend is approximately 1%. 

But then, something had just crossed my mind. Later on, there was something which made my mind went thinking and thinking. I may not have an imaginary friend. But, how about having an invisible friend instead? Bear in mind, "imaginary friend" and "invisible friend" are simply two different things. Allow me to clear this. The only thing that makes both of them seems similar is that both of them cannot be seen through our nacked eyes. However, what makes them differ from each other is that, imaginary friend is created by our own imagination but as for invisible friend, it is not created, instead it really does exist in this real world. What do I mean?
(Alamak! Hazimah is going mad!) Hahaha...

Ok, ok. If I say I have an invisible friend, and you too have an invisible friend and more interestingly, all of us are actually sharing the same invisible friend, will you believe me? As Muslims, it is nearly impossible for us to have an imaginary friend but it isn't impossible at all for us to have an invisible friend. You got what I mean?

The question is, who is our invisible friend? Want to know?

The answer is, Allah the Almighty. He's our Creator and He's our one and only God that we have been worshiped each day of our lives. Believe it or not? If you are a Muslim, then you should believe!

As Muslims, we know that Allah is invisible to us, but we do believe that He is always with us during our happy moments or even sad moments. But let us ponder together. In one day, how may times will we cry to Him and share with Him all our simplicities and difficulties? How often will we pray to Him as a symbol of grattitude and ask for His Blessing and Forgiveness for all the good deeds and bad deeds that we have been committed in one day? How often do we recite the zikrullah as a sign of remembrance toward our Creator, who had created us from just a piece of clay? How frequent do we recite the Quran to show our thankfulness for all His guidance? 

As one of my good friends said, "I will pour out all my problems to Allah alone as He is the most loyal friend among my other friends." See? Don't you think that Allah is supposed to be our BEST friend before our other friends?

I conclude this entry with a set of questions:
Have you done something which can make you be closer to Allah?
Have you made up the bond or the relationship with our God?
Have you made Him your invisible friend or your most BEST friend?

Imaginary friend and invisible friend...

Which one do you prefer?  

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