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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Make up kit palette


The first make up kit palette I will purchase after I received my first salary.
It's a make up kit palette 'Special Edition' from Wardah Cosmetic. Just for RM 200 with additions of a brush set and a wondershine.

Last night I had a conversation with one of the retailers of FCC. I asked when is the last day of the promotion of the above make up palettes and she said that it won't be long. The promotion will be ongoing as long as they have stocks. Although I really really want the FCC 'Pink Sapphire' make up palette but I don't think I can get one for myself since I told her that I'm still waiting for my job application result and don't have any money to buy anything for the moment. 
So sad really.

But one good news I received yesterday was that my kind-hearted neighbour will be giving me a box of make up kit palette by Sephora for FREE!!! I mean, she told me to think it as a gift from her since she knew that I have started my make up business. She really supports me for my business. That's why she's willing to give me a box of Sephora make up palette as a present so that I will use it to make over the women's face for their special days. So nice of her. I always pray may Allah bless her and her whole family.

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