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Sunday, 8 February 2009

English Language VI Exam

salam, everyone! good morning. it has being a long time, rite? well, understand yourself. busy girl, thats it! hehe...

poor kak uda. she keep asking me to update my blog. the thing is, i do have so many interesting stories that i would like to share with you here and furthermore the WIFI here, in our room is very good too. but there's only one problem. i'm not like my sister who loves to update her blog all the time. i prefer to just keep the stories in my mind and tell any one who would lend his ears to hear them. but, never mind. i'll try as best as i could to update my blog whenever i have something to share. it's that okay?

all right. now, where was i? oh ya! about the exam yesterday. english exam; reading and writing. oh my goodness. i really couldn't believe that i had sit for those kinds of questions for my final semester examination. the questions were so tough and hard without we expected. well, who cares? we are level 6 students, of course the questions would be so challenging and we have to accept it. if only i could change the questions into the easiest ones. just kidding okay? of course there will no way for us to get what we want so easily, right? that's why the Almighty wants us to work on our efforts, perform prayers for Him as well as leave everything to Him and let Him decide which is best for us.

on the other hand, i'm still do not satisfie with my exam yesterday. never mind. it's already passed. now all i have to do is just keep praying to Him to give me good results in every subjects along with His bless, insya Allah. i need your support too, you know.

okay. i think that's all about the exam. i'll tell you more about the upcoming exams which will be finished by the beginning of March. i'll let you know. please do not hesitate to open my blog and read my new entries.


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