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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Memories In Port Dickson

salam, hye again!

this entry is specially published to mama and kak uda. i'm not gonna tell every thing about our visits in Port Dickson but i just want to share a few pictures that we took together there. me, mama, abg long, kak long, kamil and zaim. mama, finally your dream comes true. hehe.. (sorry for waiting so long...).

these are the overviews of the sea and the beach in Port Dickson

the resort that we had been living in. very comfortable!

(syoknya kamil n zaim mandi pool...) i have grown up,
so i can't play in the pool anymore. huhu...

mama, are you thinking about someone? ehemm...

mama, are you playing hide and seek with me???

however, i could still have time to just be with my mama, alone! hehe...

kak long and abg long: what about us? aren't there any pictures of us too?
imah: hehe... don't worry. i won't forget about you both.

(amboi kak long! kontrol cun ke..?) please...

abg long with his children.. yaikks!

*that's all from me! hope you'll enjoy them!



fathy nabila najla said...

salam..hehe..adek...senang cite...adek akk skang mkn comel laa...huhu..

Fathiyyah said...

hihi nnt baca blog i pulak okay


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