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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Kuiz dah habis!!!


alhamdulillah, kuiz IRK sudah pun selesai semalam bukan main lagi risau tak terkata ulangkaji IRK sampai tertido-tido, sampai asou pun lupa nak tutup. sian dia. dah nak jadi macam gong chan kak uda dah, tak rehat2. sorry, my dear asou... forgive me... hehe...

i am so relieved because the quiz had finished and lucky me because the questions were not as difficult as i expected. risau je lebih, tapi nasib baiklah blh jwb. hehe.. thanks to ustaz kassim for preparing us with the easy questions. do pray for us, ok ustaz?

hmm, now, there's another thing that i have to worry about. linguistics!!! alamak, habislah aku kali ni. this evening, at 4 pm until 5 pm, we're going to have a replacement class for linguistics with madame mumtazah and seems we're going to continue our lessons regarding the hardest topic which is morphology analysis. actually, it's not as hard as you think but madame's explanation is too much complicated for us to understand. saya lebih senang faham kalau shifa yang ajar. tp, madame ajar tetap best dan bersemangat. it's just a little bit difficult to catch up. hehehe....

yesterday, she gave us 20 words in a foreign language (i'm not sure what language was it) and then our job is to analyse them. it's kind of interesting, tp memerlukan daya kesabaran yang sangat tinggi dan kita kena betul2 faham mcm mn nak analayse perkataan2 tu. baru kita enjoy buat analasis tu. hehehe... but, i haven't done it yet. hehe, yelah. sibuk update blog niha. but, don't worry, i'll do it after zohor. i wanna sleep first before i start my study.

hmm, what else? semalam, saya bukak myspace seseorang dan saya mendapati dia ada masukkan satu lagu. tajuk dia, "take my heart" yang dinyanyikan oleh SOKO. no idea who she is. but, there's something wrong when the first time i listened to this song and when i looked at the title, "take my heart?" strange. seems like, there's something about this person that attracted me to investigate more about him.

tahu tak saya buat apa? saya cari lagu tu dalam website ESNIPS dan download lagu tu masuk dalam asou saya, then i searched its liric as well from YAHOO search engine and i kept it in my asou to do some research about it, after i've finished my final examinations, of course. not now!

harap2lah orang tu tak tau saya sedang mengkaji dia sekarang. insya Allah, he'll never know. banyak sangat pasal dia yang saya nak tahu. seemed he didn't want to tell me more about him, so, let just me find out myself about him. all about him. hopefully, Allah will help me. insya Allah.
as he knows that i like to conduct a research. hehe... sounds funny, tapi itulah kenyataannya. yeah, WAN HAZIMAH. that's me!

ok. another four minutes left. pukul 12 pm, saya mesti tidur untuk mengumpul tenaga untuk siapkan assignment linguistics. so, i better leave now.

good night everyone!!! hehehe...

take care!


Fathiyyah said...

siapakah seseorang di Myspace tu?????????

ikrami said...

one of my friends lah...
xde sapa2 pon.... hehehe...


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