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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Gifts from Allah...


alhamdulillah, today is the happiest day in my life ever! subhanallah, i noticed there are so many things i got from Allah today or i rather call them as 'gifts from Him'. now, i want to share this feeling with you.

i went to masjid to make some revisions regarding the subjects that i am going to be tested on this friday and saturday: IRK and BMW. but, unlike usual, today, i went there with accompanied by a special friend, jue. alhamdulillah. i think for all this while, Allah had been listening to all my prayers and one of them is i need a partner to study with. so my prayer had just been granted by Him this evening. okay, let me just straight forward, ok?

special gifts from the Almighty for me:

  1. the strength to study at masjid.
  2. a special sahabah; who accompanied me studying at masjid.
  3. peaceful and calmness while studying at masjid.
  4. then, he sent down the rain with full of rahmat (because, before the rain fall, the sun shone very brightly until i almost got a headache, alhamdulillah).
  5. with the rain, Allah sent the wind as well and that made the day very cold and peaceful.
  6. ate delicious keropok lekor and goreng pisang with jue (alhamdulillah, after i've been starving for the whole night last night and finally, He gave me such foods with full of barakah, insya Allah).
  7. lastly, praise be to Allah because giving me a quite satisfactory carry marks for IRK (i only got 30 over 50 but still, i'm thankful to Him).

that's all. the 'special gifts' from Allah, my beloved. i shared my happiness and delightfulness with one of my good friends, 'anonymous'. still remember this person? insya Allah... however, he hasn't replied my sms yet. but, i'll be waiting.

two women are reciting Al-Qur'an in the masjid. so touching...

jue and i are busy studying IRK (khusyuknya... hehehe...)

dibah's favourite kitty. poor her, she still couldn't find it yet.
we met it after we get back from masjid.

i hope, i will get another special gifts from Allah again after this. as long as i show my good behavior towards Him, insya Allah, i might get something special from Him. maybe tomorrow? who knows? miracles can happen anytime, right?

how about you? don't you want any from God too??? =)
insya Allah, you'll get soon!

take care!!!

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Anonymous said...

asma;hahaha..kcing ksygan dibah pom de gak...


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