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Saturday, 21 February 2009



like always, yesterday was my tiring day as i was busy preparing myself for the final examinations that will be started tomorrow. according to my to-do-list for yesterday, i studied only two subjects: linguistics and btq(basic themes of al-quran).

because it was so noisy in my room and the study room was too messy, so i decided to do my studies at the library because i thought that library was the only suitable place to study. it was the most conducive place to study where you can get the 'feeling' of study there as you can see all people around you sitting at the table and discussing with their friends about a particular subject.

well, unlike me, they were all studies with their close friends. some of them were with partners and some in a group whether in a small or large group. but me, just standing on my own feet. studying linguistics all by myself without accompanied by anyone. sad wasn't it? yes, it was. but that's life. we can't wait for anyone to accompany us to start studying right? to be optimistic, i am 100% believe that He wants me to be independent and not to rely on others in my studies. probably, he's right. thank you, Allah!

after i had gone back from the library, at night i started studying btq. just reading and revising all the notes given by my beloved lecturer, madame ariyanti, regarding chapter 1: hidayah and chapter 2: knowledge. again, alone... owh, i almost forgot! during the evening, i called my bestfriend , suha, to hear her voice again because it has been a long time that we lost contacted to each other. unfortunately, she didn't answer my phone so i just sent sms to her and said that i called her just wanted to release my anxiety about the final exams and wanted to ask for her advices on how should i do to erase my nervousness. she didn't reply my sms.


that night, i went to the library again to continue my reading on subject btq. but this time, i really couldn't focus myself as i didn't know why. maybe it was because of the capsule that i had swollen given by the doctor for my disease. it wasn't painful but i felt like something was stuck in my throat. so, that disturbed my attention to study btq. then, i went back to my hostel and waiting for suha's call. praise be to Allah, at 9.30 pm sharp, my erika was ringing and when i looked at the screen, it was really her. so we had a long chat last night. we laughed together, we cried together, we made jokes together, and finally she gave her advices on how to lessen my nervousness for the exams and i listened to her very neatly. subhanallah, what a very calm conversation we had. may Allah blessed our nights last night. ameen.

ya Allah, i really miss her. sometimes i'm wondering, when will Allah gather both of us in the most blissful day when he can give us all his blessings and mercy? suha always said, "insya Allah, someday. hazimah, you must have faith in Him. insya Allah we'll meet again. don't worry, ukhti." yes, i trust her. i absolutely trust her. Allah never disappoint His slaves. we believe that someday our prayers would be granted by Him. ameen....

nasuha, "i'll be waiting for that moment..."


i text ed my beloved sister, kak tiqah as well to ask for her advice about the same thing. at first, i thought she wasn't going to reply my sms, but i was totally wrong. suddenly i remembered suha's said, "hazimah, do husnuszhon to other people..." and i did.

before i went to sleep, i noticed that there were two unread messages on erika's screen and one of them from kak tiqah. alhamdulillah, i couldn't stop praising Allah for the reply. in the message, this was what kak tiqah said:

"zimah syg, sori lmbt... akak byk meetng mggu ni... anyway dik, usaha y tmmpu. doa mga ada kbrkatan dlm usaha kt y sdikit tu. kt mnsia y lmh. pohon kekuatn pd Allah y kekal. bncg topik2 ptg dgn kwn2. byk'n latihan dan praktis soaln. rjuk lctrer tjuk2 kritikal.. al da best, usaha slgi ada msa."

subhannallah, that was so sincere advice i had received from my sister. insya Allah i will do my very best for the exams. kak tiqah, please do not forget to pray for me. i really miss you!


i got a senior, a male senior but he's taking human sciences course or i rather called him as my brother, insya Allah. now, he had already moved to iium main campus at gombak. he also advised me about the same thing. i text ed him and he replied:

"salam. sory coz xblh ckp lme td. x much dat i cn shre wif u. cz i'm also x perfct n still improvin myslf. wateva it's, u tll hv 2 face it. dub study 2 much until u 4get ur rest. ask ur parent's 4gvnes n pray 4 u. n d most importnt tin is, ask d blesin, help, n guidance 4m Allah. bykkan solat (tahjud, hajat, taubt etc..). insya Allah u cn do it. do ur best! gudlck!"

that's all he said. thank you brother said for the wonderful words. insya Allah, with Allah's help, i'll success. pray for me too.


hmm, everyone seems very kind to me. i am so thankful to Allah for giving me such good friends who always care for me. they always here for me every time i need them. subhanallah, what a wonderful friends i have here. thank you ya Allah. i can't stop saying these words for these beautiful gifts. insya Allah.

thank you every one. i'll do my very best for these exams not just for Allah, for me and for my parent but also for you guys.

ya Allah, bless them all... ameen...


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