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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Thank You Allah...

salam. last night, i spent my whole night with my Asou. hehehe... i think i'm going to be just like my sister, kak uda, who likes to be with her Gong Chan for 24 hours. hehehe... actually, i did that because i wanted to release my tension about BTQ exam yesterday. astaghfirullah, i couldn't really expect that the questions could be that tough, especially for the fill-in-the-blanks questions. these questions told us to fill in the blanks with suitable Arabic terms... o God, suddenly, i just stared at the questions for a very long time, at the same time, seeked for Allah's help to answer those questions. another thing is, while busy completing all my answers in the question booklet, i did not notice that i was the one left in the class. others were all went out, had finished their exam. me??? oh no! i felt so ashamed towards the examination instructors, especially Madame Kamilah. but, i think they might understand that, "maybe this girl wants the best for her exam." well, i hope so. insya Allah.


last night, i preoccupied updating my blog with my dorm mate, yus. we were so excited to change our blogs' background. the unlucky is, my blog still does not as beautiful as kak uda's. however, i'm still satisfied with it. kak uda offered to pick the prettiest template for my blog but i told her maybe next time because i had just changed my blog's template. "insya Allah kak uda, when you were back, i will ask you to modify my blog again, okay?" hehehe...

when i was talking with jue last night, my mind was thinking about someone. one of my very good friends. that person's name is... a-a-a... it is secret, okay! but what i want to say here is, this person is such a very caring, kind and understanding friend. may Allah bless this person always, insyaAllah...

here is a short conversation between us last night (just want to share with you):

me: salam. sorry for interrupt. how was your exam?

anonymous: mine? which one? BTQ? EPT? BTQ alhamdulillah. quite satisfactory. EPT, ok except for the speaking. but overall, alhamdulillah.

me: wow! alhamdulillah. i'm happy for you. sorry, i forgot to apologize if i've been such a bad friend. i supposed to say this before the exams. really sorry.

anonymous: nolah. i'm glad to have you as my friend (a statement that i really love to hear from my friends). we just don't have ample time to spend more time:)

me: are you studying BMW now or IRK?

anonymous: IRK. i'm so worry with BMW. you?

me: yeah, me too. i really worry about it too. i wish i could find friends who i can study with in the library. but i think He wants me to study alone.

anonymous: ya, you should study in group. so effective...

(i told anonymous that i did not have friends who i can study with in the library or at masjid. so, anonymous suggested me to study with one of my classmates (female) and anonymous assumed that this girl likes to study in the library. but my excuses was i did not really close to her. so, that's the problem.)

anonymous: sorry, can't help. ya, it's good. it means you are close to Allah (yeah, i hope so, insyaAllah).

(then, our next topic was about my trouble. i told anonymous during the evening, my mum came and when she went back, i forgot that i left my purse with her. so now, in mum hand i have nothing except a matric card. when i told anonymous about this, anonymous said...)

anonymous: so, you don't have many (money) at all. so, how do you survive? do you have your matric card?

(such a caring friend, isn't it? i told anonymous, i still have my matric card with me but there were only small amount of money left in my account. my brother would come today, but if only he couldn't come, i told anonymous that i would fast (i think so..)).

anonymous: wah... good2. but my pleasure to help. no need to be shy. if you have problem just tell me. (alhamdulillah, thank you anonymous for concerning about your unlucky friend).

(then, we continued our chat with another new topic, which was about my problems. what was the problem was i talking about here. about everything, i told him. about family, friends and even myself. just now anonymous said that he would be pleasure to help, right? yeah i really need anonymous's help but just to be a good listener to all my problems. i did not want anything).

me: the main problem now is that i don't have a study partner like i used to have during my school time.

anonymous: so? you want me to be your study partner? (how could this is going to happen).

me: it's ok. i don't want you to humiliate yourself. people will get the wrong picture if you study with me.

(then, anonymous had been honest with me. anonymous actually prefered to study alone. anonymous loved studying alone, without accompanied by anyone. that's why anonymous loved to stay up. in the next conversation, i apologized to anonymous for telling all about my hindrances to anonymous. the truth is, i had actually feel embarrassed sharing my problems with anonymous but i told anonymous, i have being treated anonymous just like one of my family members. that's why i felt comfortable to share my problems with anonymous).

anonymous: it's ok. can be. because, hmm, i always keep this secret. you want to know my secret? actually... (so, anonymous told me about anonymous's secret). so, i don't mind.


based on my conversation with anonymous, what can i conclude here is, anonymous is a very typical of friend that can be made as a good friend. anytime i am in trouble, anonymous will always there for me. although sometime anonymous cannot help me much regarding my problems, but i'm still very grateful to Allah because he has granted me with a friend that is willing to lend his/her ears to listen to all my matters. insya Allah, may Allah always give His blessings to this person. but now, i rather call anonymous as 'sahabah'. anonymous deserves to be called this way.


okay. i think i shall stop now. i need to take my shower because i have to start studying my BMW as well as IRK or else i will get an unpredictable marks for them. naudhubillah... may it will not be happening. pray for me, ya!

* ya Allah, tambahkanlah temanku rezeki yang banyak lagi halal, iman yang benar, ilmu yang bermanfaat, kesihatan yang elok, kecerdikan yang tinggi, hati yang bersih dan kejayaan yang besar. ameen... (just for you, sohibii...)

may someday, Allah will grant me with many friends just like anonymous. insya Allah...

take care!!


nannychomel said...

You will meet more good friends in the years to come. Don't worry, girl.

ikrami said...

insya Allah... i hope so..=)


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