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Friday, 6 February 2009

Simple Poem from the novel written by Cecelia Ahern

If You Could See Me Now

Having a family
Is a precious thing to me
Happy family I mean
Father, mother and my little sister
All of them are really mea
nt to me.

All of them are created by God,
As special gifts
That will enlighten my life
Cheer me up from all sadness
They are all like angels to me
They will always by my side,

Every time I’ll be needing them.

But, something happened to us
That had broken up our connection
The “Love Chain” had brough
t to an end
And now, the title of “Happy Family”
Seems had vanished.
Everything had gone, gone forever.
“You are not my daughter!”
“I don’t know you!”
“Stay away from me!”

Oh, mother, how could you say something like that.
What is my fault until you dare to admit
That I am no longer you daughter?
And why did you leave us all

And abandoned us like you never had a family?
Why did you run off from your only husband?
Why did you disappear from Saiorse’s sight, since she was a baby?
And why we must face all these?

Many years passed.
Every day we have gone through
Without our “loved” one by our sides.
Saiorse had grown as a
While father had grown older.
As for me,
All that had happened to us
Had taught me so much.
Being independent, responsibility, loving, and caring person,

That’s what I am now.
Being such a mature woman,
Is the hardest thing in my life
As I can’t do all things myself.

“Elizabeth… Elizabeth…” somebody is whispering, calling my name.
“Don’t worry, I am always with you.
Watching you and accompany you with all the sorrow.”
“Oh, thank you! But who are
And where are you from?” I asked.
“From a place called Ekam Eveileb.
A place that you will never know
And Ivan is a name given to
Strange… weird… odd…
Only these words are playing in my mind right now.
‘Who is this guy, actually? Why is he here?’
Every time my eyes are full of
He will seat next to me
And lend me his shoulder to cry.

Luke and I spend our time together
With the guy; our savior

We are happy to be together.
Luke had been the best nephew
Since he had been left by his mother,
Just like me.
We are happy with our new life now
And we’ll be happy with our
life tomorrow and so on,
As long as Ivan with us,
There is nothing to be afraid of.

Suddenly, I was attacked, by a strange feeling!
I do not know why

As it occurred unconsciously, without I realized.
Yes, it is true that the presence of Ivan in our life
Had changed so many things.
Now, there is laughter on our faces
No more tears.

But, why I got this feeling
Towards him?
Is this what we called as “Love?”

“Love,”, the funniest word I know.
What do you know about
It can only hurt you,
Because of it, you’ll blind,
Because of it, you may injure your
Because of it, you would die,

And all I know is that
“Love” is the cause of agony
And it will give you nothing but a wounded heart.

Though, this man had stolen a part of my heart
All with him I could feel
Peaceful, calmness, blissful, and happiness in my life.
Everything seems very perfect in my eyes.
We are pleased to each oth
er, including Luke.
Until one day, he went missing
He was no longer with us
Luke and I never stopped looking for him

But luckily we could still feel his existence
Deep into our heart.
‘Ivan, where exactly have you been?’

‘I miss your laughter; I miss your smile,
I miss all the memories we built together with Luke.
And most importantly I miss you!’

“Elizabeth! Elizabeth! Wake up. I need to talk to you.”
Somebody called me, again in murmur
Like the first time; during my beauty sleep.
“Later, I just want you to be with me,” I said.

“Elizabeth, listen! I have to go.
You are not going to need me anymore.
I am sure you can proceed your life without me.”
“What are you talking about? Just continue your sleep.”
“Elizabeth, you must be strong
Do not cry whenever you face the challenges out there.
I love you, Elizabeth and
I am going to love you forever,
Even we must be apart, I will never forget you.

And even I’ll be invisible again,
Remember that I am always with you.
Good bye, my dear!”

‘Huh?’ Suddenly I awakened.
‘Maybe I was dreaming.’

and I never saw Ivan after that.
Nevertheless, we happy without his presence,

But we still consider that he is always with us

Our heart make believe of that.
thank you for bringing us this happiness. We’ll miss you! See you!’


Far from them,
There is someone; watching them,
“If you could see me now...”
And all of sudden,
His tears fall down from his eyes.

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