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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Syukur Alhamdulillah...!!

salam. salam sejahtera!

alhamdulillah, tak taulah kenapa saya gembira sangat hari. actually, there is something that made me feel so delighted and satisfied! do you want to know? ok. i'll tell you.

sebenarnya, hari ini, kami dikejutkan dengan dua berita gembira. satu, mengenai linguistic and another one is about bmw(it's a name of a subject, ok... not a car!).

about linguistic, praise be to Allah, the Almighty, we had a very good marks for our presentation. our presentation was about "Second Language Acquisition". jadi, kami sangat berpuas hati dengan markah presentation kami tu. seronok sangat bila kita tengok markah kita, sebab kita tahu yang kita dah buat yang terbaik!
bukanlah saya nak menunjuk. sebenarnya, ada student lain yang dapat markah lg highest dari kami. cuma, saya nk luahkan rasa gembira je kat sini. hehe...

below, i'll show our marks, both for group as well as individual presentation. oh, before i forgot, my group consists of three members; shifa, najihah and i. sekarang, korang bolehlah tengok. hehe...

*group mark sheet:
including content, handout and visual aid.

for the group presentation, we got 24.5/28. oklah tu, kan? cantik apa! hehehe... bertungkus lumus tau kitorang prepare for this presentation. alhamdulillah, He gave us the satisfying marks. thank you, Allah!

*individual mark sheet: mark for the individual presentation;
shifa, najihah and i.

yang ni pulak, markah utk individual presentation. tp, mmg x dpt di sangkal laglah, shifa lg tinggi! hehe... she's always the best! insya Allah. i wish i could be as clever as her. tp, saya ttp puas hati dengan markah saya. alhamdulillah. oklah tuh. cukup2 makan. asalkan kita happy. kan? mana agknya saya punya ye? alah... cari sendirilah... hehe...

now, i wanna share with you about my second happiness (betul ke ayt aku ni?). ok. bmw. this morning, we received our bmw assignment, "research proposal" back. at first, saya ngan shifa takut sgt nk dpt balik kitorang nye assignment tu. takut sgt dapat markah rendah lg. berdebar-debar rasanya. however, we were very thankful to the Almighty, coz giving us such marks. oklah... overall, 16/20. ok kan? berbaloilah dgn usaha kami bersengkang mata every night to complete the proposal. alhamdulillah. tak putus2 ucapkan kalimah indah ini.

*inilah dia "research proposal" kami.

yeah, it looks very simple. tp nak siapkanya, ya Allah! kepala ni mcm nk pecah rasanya. tp, we don't care anymore. aslkan dpt markah yg baik, itupun dah kira cukup membahagiakan kitorang. kan shifa?? hehehe...

so, that's all about my most delightful moment for today. i bet kak uda wants to know more about my studies 'development' now. betul ke ni? hehehe.. still the same. broken english. who cares! we are learning, right?

kejap ye. nak share jugak gambar saya dgn shifa masa last time kami nk siapkan "research proposal" ni. ms tu, kami buat kerja dgn our other members; siti, nazrin and nisah. but, we didn't get the chance to take their pictures as well. sorry, guys!

dalam tension2 siapkan bmw, sometimes kenalah
happy2 jugakkan, shifa?

memory with shifa while doing the
assignment in the library

*terima kasih asma' sbb pinjamkan tangan masa zimah tangkap gambar proposal dgn mark sheets ni. may Allah bless you!
*to siti, nazrin and nisah, sorry sgt2 sbb xde gmbar korang. xpe2. insya Allah, we''ll get the chance to take photos together, ok?



Fathiyyah said...


hey,i dah dapat pen pal dr Korea..16-year-old girl..
dun be jealous!
hua hua hua

ikrami said...

jeles gile! mcm mn kak uda blh knal dia?>??????

nannychomel said...


ikrami said...

berkat doa mak maybe??


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