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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My checklist

salam, hey you guys!

why ya i'm so lazy to start my revision. meanwhile my final examinations are just around the corner. astaghfirullah! how awful i am. am i?

actually, in my checklist for tonight i mean, my to-do-list actually, i'm going to study IRK as ustaz kassim wanted to do a quiz for this Thursday class. and the questions that we're going to be tested are on the topic usul al-fiqh until the end, if i'm not mistaken. oh my goodness, i bet it's going to be my tiring night tonight.

ok. after i've finished updating my blog, i'm going to read for IRK quiz. then i will read BMW also as there are so many topics that i haven't covered yet.

it's seems like i'm not ready yet for the exams. do you agree? do you have any idea how to overcome my laziness?

anyway, i really miss kak uda. poor her. she must be very missing me too, i guess.

got to go now. i better get started my revision now or else i won't get the chance to touch the IRK book anymore. na'udhubillah.

take care!

*please pray for my quiz this thursday. insya Allah, who knows with your prayers, i might got the highest mark for my quiz. it's not impossible you know. ameen.


nannychomel said...


ALL THE VERY BEST FOR THE QUIZ. I know you can do it!

ikrami said...

dah selamat dah pon mak. kuiz, alhamdulillah easy. nnt imah tulis post psl kuiz plak.


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