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Sunday, 22 February 2009

LS Exam 2

alhamdulillah... finally my listening and speaking exams had finished! wow! i'm so glad. two exams past. ok, now, i have to worry about my writing and reading exams, which are going to be tomorrow. great!


before the exams, i walked to the exam venue (listening), with my dorm mate, michi. we were so nervous while walking there. we were worried if only the questions might be difficult. about 9 am, we were supposed to get into the seminar hall but i don't know, it took a long time for us waiting outside the hall with our anxiety. we felt like we were just wasting our time, like a fool. astaghfirullah... do forgive me ya Allah for saying this word.

while waiting for the moment to enter the hall, michi and i took pictures together, to release our tension for waiting so long, outside the hall. then, a few minutes later, our other friends had arrived, including siti, nisah, rin, naghiza and iman! hehe... (iman wearing green... like usual. hehe). so, we chit-chat to each other so we thought it might lessen our worries for the listening exam. so this was my opportunity to snap photos of cfs iium nilai students before sitting for the exam. so naughty! hehe... my hobby. i love to snap other people's photos. hehe.. it was so exciting!

sambil menunggu utk dipanggil masuk dewan...

sj je siti dgn rin... sampai hati xnk pandang zimah...

wah! sempat lg iman berposing nihah...


during the examination, ya Allah, only Allah knew how i felt at that time. worried, nervous, sad, all. suddenly i thought about my mom. i supposed to call my mom last night because i wanted to hear her voice before the exams. i wanted to ask her to pray for me. however, i didn't get the chance. i was so disappointed. do you know why i didn't call my mom? it was because of two reasons. first, i thought maybe my mom had fallen asleep and the second reason was i had run out of credit. mak, i'm really sorry. i really feel like i want to cry now as i 'm so regret because i faced the exams without asking for my parent's prayers. oh Allah, please forgive me.

back to the exam, while answering the questions, at first, when i looked at the questions, they looked simple, but to answer them? masya Allah! i was in trouble! i prayed, "oh Allah, please help me!"

what did i do, i just answered them with confident an i listened to the talked really carefully. at the same time i wished for Allah's help deep in my heart.

so, alhamdulillah, i didn't left any of the questions blank. so, i tried to complete all the answers based on what had i listened from the recording. praise be to Allah, everything is completely done. what i have to do now is just pray for the result. i really hope that i'm not gonna repeat this subject again. insya Allah...


finished the listening exam, i hurriedly went upstairs, to the classroom where i was going to be tested for my speaking test. c1-14 at first, was my venue but it had been changed to c2-14. i had no idea why was it happening. never mind.

during the speaking test, i was tested on the given topic, "my favorite tv programme." i didn't know what was i talking about. i think it was really nonsense. oh Allah, hope i'm not gonna repeat for this paper as well. i don't think so. insya Allah.


as for me, just leave it to Allah to decide, all i know,
i had done my very best for the exams!

overall, it was okay. insya Allah. everything is going to be fine. without Allah's permission, i'm not going to repeat this subjects again. i'm really confident about it. Allah is just, right? he knows which the best for me. but, what ever it is, i still need to prepare myself if i don't pass these subjects. i have to redha for his decision. but so far, insya Allah... my result is going to be okay. please pray for me. i need you support too.

okay. until now about the LS Examinations.
wait for next post that will be about my second examinations, reading and writing!!

take care!


Fatin Husni said...

they were tough, but we've made it though...haaihh i'm worried about my listening paper. it sucks la...:-(

ikrami said...

don't worry about it... u'll get the best insya Allah...
i'll pray for you....


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