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Friday, 27 February 2009

IRK done! now, BMW....oh Allah!!!


hmm, hello there! alhamdulillah, i'm still alive today. thanks to Him for lending me this life until now.

i don't want to talk about my IRK exam anymore. it was really hurt my feelings. i'm so depressed, dissapointed, sad, upset and every 'bad' emotion are attacking me right now. however, i will leave it to Him. let Him decide which is the best for His slave. right after i had finished my exam, i went back to my dorm and i met kak mas in the study room. i told kak mas , the exam was very difficult. as difficult as i had expected. many unpredictable questions had been given to us. what did i do? deep in my heart, i prayed to Him, "please help me, my Lord! just give me the best!." then, i told kak mas again that now, i don't care if i have to repeat any of my papers again because for me, as long as it is for the sake of knowledge, i'll always do my very best, just for Him. but, i'm not sure whether i could be that strong to accept it. what ever! at least, i did my best, right? there's nothing to worry about. insya Allah, i'll get what i deserve to get... please support me...


i continued my jihad for the next exams with studying BMW (basic research method and report writing) at the library, accompanied by my friend, iman.

after having my lunch at about 11 am earlier, i slept first before i perform my zohor prayer. i wanted to rest my brain as well as give enough energy for my entire body so that it can work harmonically without any distraction while studying for BMW exam that will be TOMORROW! so fast the time had left us, don't you think?

so, after zohor, about 3 pm, iman and i started our journey to the library. then, we began our revisions by reciting bismillah. hopefully, Allah would open our hearts to receive all the knowledge easily along with His rahmat, insya Allah.

we discussed together about sampling. the types of sampling. of course i'm not gonna tell you about that. i just want to share with you what had iman and discussed about in our preparations for the exam tomorrow. alhamdulillah, another companion was willing to be my study partner. subhanallah... how can i thank you, o my Lord?!!

we finished our discussions about 5.16 pm. we went back because we were late seemed we hadn't performed our asar prayer yet. we thought we should leave... may the angels and all the creatures in the earth pray for our success (as stated in one of Rasulullah ahadith about those who are seeking Allah's knowledge). subhanallah, insya Allah...

pray for us, will you??

say cheese, iman!!!


o'oh... i think my tummy is 'singing' right now. calling2 for food to enter it. hehehe... i bought nasi ayam and i think i'm going to eat it now! don't be jealous, okay? it's not good to have that kind of feeling towards your own sister, you agree?

i got to go.....

*"allahumma bariklana fii maa rozaqtana waqina adhabannar...." (doa before eating).

take care!!!


sadDark said...

Hazimah...i miss you too...

ikrami said...

salam. saii!!! rindunye kat hang. rajin2lah dtg blog i ye??


Anonymous said...

insyallah zimah bleh..
asma doakn kjayaan kiter semue..
smga bjaya d dunia n akhrat...


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