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Monday, 18 April 2011

Imaginary friend? Hmm...

The novel deals with life with an imaginary friend. Try to read it and you'll discover how a dull life can turn into colorful one. 


I have this kind of dream, where I could have my own imaginary friend.

Have you ever wondered of having one? 

Honestly, what is imaginary friend?

Who is this imaginary friend?

Imaginary friends

According to Wikipedia.com,

"Imaginary friends and imaginary companions are a psychological and social phenomenon friendship where a or other interpersonal relationship takes place in their imagination reality rather than external physical. Imaginary friends are fictional characters created for improvisational role-playing."

I made a further reading about imaginary friends in the Wikipedia site. It says that having imaginary friends usually occurs during childhood, sometimes in adolescence and rarely in adulthood. From what I understand is that children will often have their own imaginary friend/s as compared to adults. Maybe this is because they are lonely and therefore they need someone to accompany them playing within the whole day, talking to them, eating with them or even accompanying them to go to sleep. However, I'm not sure whether this fact can be trusted or not, but logically, it does happen even in these modern days. 

According to the West people, they believe that each of their children must have at least one imaginary friend who will accompany them when the parents are busy at works. On the other hand, their imaginary friend will somehow fade away when they reach the age of teenagers. 

Some researchers claim that imaginary friend is not a real person but it seems so real to a child's imagination until they are unable to distinguish them with the real people. This is because imaginary friend is a character which  is created by a child's own imagination and he/she will decide for him/herself what sort of person the imaginary friend is going to be. Then, he/she will name the imaginary friend with what ever name he/she likes. 

As I quoted from Cecelia Ahern's answer when she was being interviewed for her third novel, "If You Could See Me Now," she said that:

"Children believe so intently that there is somebody with them. Extra places must be set at the dinner table, doors must be kept open, etc. To children, it's real. In talking to people who used to have imaginary friends, I was so excited to hear that they could remember what they looked like. These people actually had an image of a friend, not just an invisible space and a made-up name."

So, we can say that it is not possible for children to have their own imaginary friend and imaginary friend does really exist!

Doesn't it sound interesting, to have our own imaginary friend? For me, it really does!

But the fact of whether imaginary friend does exist or not, based on the Islamic perspective, is still questionable. Maybe someday I will find the precise answer from those who are more experts in this, insya Allah.

Note: Let's start creating our imaginary friend! Yippeeeee!!!

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