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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Puzzle 8: Good Friends

One: An Outing


A: Can you do me a favor?
B: What?
A: I need your company to go to the book fair next week. I want to buy some books.
B: Okay, then. I want to ask for my parents' permission first. Then, I'll let you know by tonight.
A: Okay, I'll be waiting.


A: So, what say you?
B: My parents allow me to go with you. But, there's one condition.
A: Just name it.
B: You have to buy something for me as a gift. Can you?
A: What do you want? A book?
B: Anything.
A: What if I can't afford to buy you anything?
B: Then we have to cancel our outing then and you need to find someone else to replace me.
A: (sigh) It's a deal.
B: Great! That's what friends are for, right? (excited)
A: Hmm.

Lesson: A good friend doesn't need anything in return except for long friendship. A good friend must also be sincere in everything he does for the sake of his friend.

Two: Sick

C: Hey, I heard E has just got hospitalized. Her mom said she has caught high fever. Let's go and visit her.
D: I did hear it from A too but I can't visit her today because I got piano class to attend to.
C: What about tomorrow?
D: No, I have a date with my boyfriend. I can't just cancel our date in the last minute.
C: Ok, will you be free the day after tomorrow?
D: To be frank, I am quite busy for the whole week. 
C: (silent)
D: I got so many appointments and my parents have promised to bring me for a holiday at Singapore. 
C: Seriously, don't you worry about our friend? She's sick and now she's getting weaker The doctor said perhaps she'll be hospitalized for one more week.
D: Well, she's my friend but she's not everything to me. I have my own life too and I can't just sacrifice my happy life just for the sake of friend.
C: Up to you then.

(At the hospital)

C: How are you doing?
E: Getting better. Did you come alone? Where's D?
C: She said she will visit you some other day. She's quite busy lately.
E: Oh, I see. No wonder she got The Best Student award every year. It's ok. I understand.
C: Aren't you upset with her?
E: Why should I?
C: Hmm, because she didn't come to see your condition?
E: A friend should be understanding and accepting. We should accept the fact that friends will not be by our side for 24 hours. Somehow they also need time for themselves. (smiling)
C: You are right. (smiling back)
Lesson: A good friend must not be selfish. A good friend must be someone who understands whatever situation his friend is facing.

Three: Problem

(Situation 1)

F: (crying)
G: What's wrong, my dear? Why are you crying? Do you have any problem?
F: I do have a problem. It's about my mother.
G: Tell me about it. (interested)
F: I didn't get good result this semester. When my mom knew about it, she scolded me and she said I'm useless. She said I'm nothing and I'm not qualified to enter any university. She also said I'm stupid and she never thought that she could have a stupid daughter as I am. (crying and crying)
G: I think your mom was wrong. She said that maybe because she hasn't seen your true ability. She doesn't know that her only daughter is a good musician. She could play violin excellently unlike other teens. She doesn't know that her daughter might be somehow, useful in the country's music industry, in the future. However, I think your mom didn't mean to say those things to you. Maybe she wanted to motivate you to be more successful in your studies. Whatever it is, don't be too prejudice towards your own mother, ok? (hugging)
F: (tears falling) Thank you, my friend for all your advices.
G: What friends are for? (wink)

(Situation 2)

I: (crying)
H: (listening to mp3)
I: (still crying)
H: Why are you so noisy? Can't you just shut up? You'll make me angry. (frustrated)
I: I have a problem regarding my mom. (sobbing)
H: So, what do you expect me to do? It's between you and your mom, anyway.
I: Yes, but I need a shoulder to cry on.
H: I have a suggestion. Why don't you see a counselor instead of wasting my time listening to your problems? I got lots of works to do and I have no time for heart-to-heart session. (walking away)
I: Hmm. Is this what friends are all about? (monologue-big question mark)

Lesson: A good friend is someone who knows when you need a shoulder to cry on and a hand to wipe your tears.

Note: I have many friends but very few 'good' friends. But, I treasure what I got. I love them more than they love me. I appreciate them more than anything else in this world. Because all my 'good' friends are precious to me and they are a part of my life.

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