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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Cute mugs

salam. oyahou gozaimasu!

good morning every one! hajimemashite? i'm fine, alhamdulillah. hmm, today is a beautiful day, don't you think? the whether is so good and i can feel the peacefulness comes inside my body. listening to the birds chirping makes me feel so calm. although, now i am so tired after had done all the households (swept the floor, cleaned the kitchen, fold the clothes, mopped the floor etc.), but i feel so relived to see my house clean again. i want the entire family to enjoy their living in this clean house in a comfortable way as possible. that's my mission!

~home sweet home~

okay, enough about that. just now, i opened and read my sister's blog "from the inside". seemed she had updated her blog so quickly. she wrote about "imam Qalun dan kami." actually, i haven't read all the content of the post, yet my mom had told me a little bit information about it. that's not what i want to tell you about. i just want to say that my sister is truly creative in blogging and the thing is i am truly miss her.

honestly, i am dying to see her now. i wish she's here, sitting next to me talking or making some jokes to me again but i know, these are only my imagination. only her shadow is here not her body and soul. i wonder how is she right now because every time i read her blog, she usually writes there that she's sick and that makes me worry thinking about her. she studies so hard until her health is affected. may Allah always look after her...

a short mugs story...

i still remember the moment when we were taking our dinner together with our family before she went back to cairo. every time we ate together, we would sit next to each other and another thing was we would use the same "cute mugs" for our drinks. actually, the cute mugs belong to her given by her friends. however, i was attracted with her mug which had an elephant in front of it. it was so pretty and it was also colorful. meanwhile, kak uda used the mug which had a smiley face in front of it along with a pair of shoes. hehehe.... they were so lovely! using the same cartoon mugs shows that how close we are. yeah, it's not odd. our gap is not so far. she's only a year older than me. no wonder we got so close and commonly use the same things. even now she isn't with me and use the mug for her drink, that will never stop me from using the fine (which is hers). the mug (the elephant one) reminds me about her and the moment. i will wait for her arriving and we're gonna use the cute mugs together again. i'll be waiting for the moment...

*but sometimes, she doesn't like to use the same things like mine. hmmm... depends on her mood...

cute couple!! cute twins!!

okay. azan is calling me to see Him. oh, by the way, about my short story, insya Allah i'll publish it in here right after i had completed it and approved by my editor, naqib. hehehe.... just wait and see.. insya Allah.

take care!


Kak Uda said...

uish,ada ke kita makan guna mug yang sama haaaa??

wan hazimah said...

adalah... bukan mkn, tp minum pakai mugs tu. buat2 lupa plak. belasah kang! eheheh...


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