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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Stories of my heart (Part 1)


I'm sorry, mama.

Yesterday, mama wrote an entry about her youngest daughter. Do you know who's the girl? Yeah, that's me! I feel so funny when I read it. Mama thought I did not appreciate for what she had done for me in her blog. However, she was totally wrong. I feel so guilty to her for showing my "inappreciativeness" towards her deeds. The thing is, it's not I did not appreciate she posted about myself in her blog. I am so touched when people do that for me. On the other hand, yesterday my mood was so down. I was so sad because there was something happened to me the day before it. Something that made me feel so down. Another separation I made with my "best friend". I am completely hurt every time I am thinking about it. So, for not giving mama the wrong idea about my attitudes last night, I explained everything to her. So that she might understand and she did.

I really think that I am such a bad daughter in this family. I always hurt my loved ones, especially mama. I don't know, maybe because I am always hurt by people so it's my turn to hurt them back but the problem is my family always become my victims. People who are always with me during happiness or sadness. People who are always encourage me for not giving up in my life. Yeah, I always hurt these people's feelings not hurt the people who made me sad and cry every night. I always blame myself. Why should I hurt these people's feelings? (I am so sorry, mama...).

I realize my mistake now. Having a family is totally the most wonderful gift from the Almighty. It's okay if we lost friends or lovers but losing a family is absolutely the most unacceptable thing in my life. I told mama once. If only I don't get the chance to get married, it will be okay for me as long as my family always standing beside me and support me to continue my life. I don't care anymore about other people but my family.

To be continued...


nukilan si kecil said...

i've read bout u in nannychomel's blog. 'adek' sgt b'tuah.

nannychomel said...

Don't be sad. Allah SWT knows what is best for you. Don't be afraid to lose a friend....because a 'TRUE FRIEND' is hard to find.

wan hazimah said...

nukilan si kecil:

thanks iqah.


thanks mama. i'm sorry for everything i had done to you last night. luv u...

*f@ryh@* said...

sgt menyentuh hati baca tentang kisah kamu ini..u r very lucky to have such a happy family..

wan hazimah said...


salam, kak faryha. thanks a lot. yeah, i am so proud having such family. thanks ye bc blog saya.


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