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Saturday, 14 March 2009



konnichiwa! hehe... do you know what does it mean? konnichiwa is a japanese word means 'how are you?' so, how are you today my dear friends???

and so for the word 'gomenasai' is also taken from japanese words means 'i am sorry.' so, i'm really sorry for taking so long to update this blog. well, you know me. after finishing my second semester in CFS, IIUM, i have been so lazy to write stories here. okay, maybe you think that i wrote the two japanese words to teach you the language. but, you are mistaken. however, if you want to, i don't mind because i'm also making attempts to master this language as it is my fourth language.


straight to the point. i'm actually is working on my short story to be submitted to my friend, naqib to check my english language. well, my english is getting poorer day by day after leaving my studies for about three months for the breaks. so, that's why i asked for naqib's help to improve my english. thanks to him for willingly to help me. it's so rare to find a friend like him. (naqib, please don't perasan melebih2 ye?? hehehe...).

let me share with you the overview of the story. insya Allah, the themes of the story will be love and friendship between two best friends. one named Syakirah, is a bright and excellent student in her school and live in a wealthy family, however her best friend, Sakinah is so unfortunate child who is blind and became an orphan after she get involved in an accident that caused her parents' death. they have been best friends since they are accidentally met in a program organized but Syakirah's school to help the blind people society.

until one day, fate had changed their lives forever and this time they accept what ever had been destined by God for their own goodness...

wait and see....


now, the third thing i want to say here is about one of my friends, fatt. last night, we were chatting through yahoo messenger until all of sudden, he asked me some weird questions. the questions go like these:

  • if i only got five days left to stay alive, what would you do?
  • if only there is another friend who needs you by his/her side at the same time, which of us will you choose?
  • between family and friend, which is the most vital to you?
okay, for me, those are not strange questions to be asked. on the other hand, what makes me feel odd about this guy is 'what's wrong with him?' i admit that this was not the first time he had been asking me those weird questions, but this time i really think that there must be something that makes him tent to ask me those questions.

then i asked him, 'what's in you? is there anything that you would like to share with me?' but then, i got upset. he didn't even reply all my so called non-giving-up questions.

so now, i am still waiting for the light to turn green again and perhaps someday he might open his heart to let me know his problems. insya Allah.


that's all for today. i hope you'll enjoy you vacations guys. to all my beloved cfs iium, nilai friends, you don't know how much i miss you especially all my dorm mates. kak mas and kak irah... i miss you so much....

take care!

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Nqb said...

I'm not that good in English...but I'll try my best n make it better for both of us...


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