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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Miss her: no. 1


it's already 07:48 am. i still can hear the birds chirping outside. the whether is so good this morning. so cool but seems there is a sign that rain is going to fall, like usual. hmm, my mom has gone to work and the rest of the family are still enjoying their dreams; Kak Long, Abg Long, Kamil, Hafiz, and Zaim, except ayah and i. ayah is reciting the Holy Quran while me, as you can see is updating my blog.

(from left) Aliah Husna, Nadia, Alia, me and Syidah.

i don't know why this morning i feel like i want to write about someone here. someone special. a best friend of mine. someone named Fatin Alia bt Yahya.

do you see her photo under Nasuha's photo i've put in my blog? well, that's her. cute isn't it? yeah, sure she is and she is sweet too. Alia is the eldest in her five siblings. she has two younger brothers and two younger sisters. Fauzan, Laila, Faris, and Solehah are her lovers. the most unfortunate thing about Alia that touch my feeling is she's an orphan. her parents died since she was four because an accident. i'm really feel sorry for her.

she's the best friend of Farrah. since school, they were always hanging around together. whenever there's Farrah, there is Alia and vice verse. their relationship are rather much closer like sisters than alia's relationship with me. but, alhamdulillah, after SPM, Alia and i could get along with each other. i think might say that our chain is further much stronger than Alia's with Farrah's.

after SPM, we always went out together. we often went to Jaya Jusco, Ong Tai Kim, Plaza Idaman, al-Amin, and IIUM to shop things. yeah, they were our ports. however, sometimes if her aunt wouldn't allow her to go out, i would just visit her at home and accompany her there. every time i came to her house, she would serve me snacks and drinks. she loved to make a c chocolate milk for me. she cooked for me too and i also did help her once. i still remember when i helped her with cooking, i cooked 'sotong goreng'. when Alia's sister, Solehah tasted the food, she asked Alia, "Kak Fatin, siapa yang masak sotong tu?" then i asked her back, "nape Solehah? tak sedap ke?" suddenly, Alia said, "biasanya kalau tak sedap diorang senyap je. sedaplah tu anti masak." then, we smiled to each other. hehehe... thanks to her for giving me the opportunityto help her cooked the meal for the family.

in the house, we shared stories to one another, laughed and cried together, until one day, the time had come for us to be apart.

Alia and i at IIUM, Gombak

at terminal putra station

(almost) the same shoes, hehehe

our own bags, aren't the pretty?

after received the SPM results, i got an offer to further my studies in Centre for Foundation Studies, International Islamic University Malaysia, Nilai while Alia would leave to Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah (kak uda's former school) taking STPM. because of the offers, we knew that we have to separate.

Alia in her KISAS uniform. peace!!

i remember, the last day i went to Alia'a house, she was busying packing all her things to the boarding school. i gave my hand too. i assisted her with ironing her (new) school uniform while she was completing all the houseworks until her aunt arrived home. after we had gone out from the house, her uncle sent me in front of al-Amin (our former school) so then i went back to IIUM by walking. before i went out from the UNSER car, Alia and i shook our hands and hugged each other. within this moment, only tears accompanied us. just imagine. how do you feel when you have to separate with someone that you love? in my case, it was totally painful but i had to let her go because she went there to study, to become a successful not enjoying herself. on the other hand, i can't cheat myself how sad i was when hugging with her. but, alhamdulillah, thanks to Him for giving me the chance to be the last person to accompany Alia before she left to her new school, not anyone else.

the last picture taken before we continued our journey

well, there is a quote about friendship taken from the novel "tautan hati,"


i agree with it. what ever it is, i believe one day we may see each other again. i'll make sure that moment will be the loveliest moments that no ones ever had. insya Allah.

my dear friend, a simple poem for you, forgetting you is hard to do, but forgetting me is up to you, forget me not, forget you never, forget this message, but not the sender. i miss you because of Allah.

take care!!!

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nannychomel said...

You hv been very kind to yr frens especially yr close frens. I'm sure they will always remember your kind deeds. Stop worrying and don't feel sad. Allah knows best! Cheer up babe.


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