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Monday, 30 March 2009

Stories of my heart (Last part)

Alhamdulillah, this is going to be my last entry about stories of my heart. Actually I don't know what to write here because I've no idea at all. I'm thinking about any story that can be included in this entry.

Okay, let's see. Hmm... I had read the first comment in my entry titled, "Stories of my heart (Part 4)" and it is posted from someone called 'anonymous.' I wish I could know who the person is. Would it be a he or a she? I wonder. I just want to know who's the person. Would he/she be my secret admirer? My fan? My friend? I don't even know. But never mind. Insya Allah I'll know soon. I want to thank him/her for reading my blog and also for saying "terima kasih kerana memberi inspirasi." I had given someone an inspiration by posting this entry unconsciously. Wow, I'm so proud of myself. I have helped people. Alhamdulillah.

I'm so mad at my 'former' friend, the one who had been using me during the time we were friends. Do you know why? During the day he supposed to return my notes that I had lent him, he didn't even come. Yet, my mother had to drive to his house and sent the English books (mine) to him. Even though, when we arrived, his mom told me that he had just gone out from the house to meet me and when I asked her mom where he went to, his mom said he had gone to LRT station. Hmmph! I knew it! He didn't open my message telling that I was going to meet him at one of the food stall across the street. He didn't also answer any of my calls because his phone battery was flat.

When I arrived at his house, I just gave the books to his mother and said, "mak cik, ni buku yang Fatt nak pinjam dari saya. Buku English. Cakap dengan dia ni dari Hazimah, ya." Then, his mom said, "Ok2. Insya Allah. Nanti mak cik sampaikan ye. Terima kasih." Alhamdulillah, I'm so realived that I have nothing to do with him anymore after this. I'm not going to meet him or even help him. However, he promised me to return back half of my notes that I lent him because I'm going to use the notes to re-sit my English Placement Test (EPT) but one of his attitudes is he never keep the promise. So, I believe what did my mom say to me. "Tengok, adik hanya rugikan diri sendiri je tolong dia." So now, I've no idea what am I going to do for my EPT. I really need the notes to make some revison regarding my EPT which will be seated on this upcoming semester. He owes me and I'm not gonna let him go with this. What ever it is, no matter what he still need to return to me everything he has borrowed from me. Maybe I don't know when but I'll be waiting.

Last word

To sum up, insya Allah, I think this will be my last entry about stories of my heart. It's probably boring but at least I have tried my best to write anything coming from the inside of my heart.

That's all from me.

Take care!


Anonymous said...

hye :) sy afif. kita tak penah jumpa pun sebelum ni. saya jumpa blog ni pun secara tak sengaja dari blog akak awak yang student medic cairo uni tu.. apa2pun saya suka baca blog awk ni.. :))

wan hazimah said...

anonymous (afif):

terima kasih. anyway, selalu ke bkk blog saya ni? student mn?

Anonymous said...

:). slalu juga.. sy mmg suka baca blog.. sy baru form 5.. tahun ni spm.. :(

wan hazimah said...


oh, yeke? adik al-amin ke? terima kasih ye bkk n bc blog akak yg x seberapa ni.

Anonymous said...

hehe.. bknla sy skolah dekat kuantan. skolah menengah biasa je.

wan hazimah said...


oh yeke? nice knowing u. blaja rajn2 ye, spm taun ni. kalahkan kak fathiyyah tu. hahaha... i'll pray for u...

AFIF said...

terima kasih ye.. hehehe.. nice knowing u too :)


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