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Monday, 2 March 2009

Take a break...


just now, i was studying poetry (elements in short stories, hadn't read the short stories yet). every element in short stories i had covered including themes, characters, settings, symbols except for point of view and emotions which i hadn't really understood what did they explain. so now, i feel like my eyes is getting smaller and smaller. oh my God! i think the good afternoon-sleeping are calling me right now and i could imagine my pillow is waving towards me. hahaha. (sleepy already). this's simply can't be happening! i can't fell asleep. i need to study!


ok. to let my sleepiness go away, i want to share something with you and i knew it from my sister in Egypt right now. if kak uda hadn't told me about it, i am sure that i won't know it forever. alhamdulillah, she shared with me her discovery.

it is about Israel people. they have made a cartoon, a funny cartoon i mean, about our beloved religion. about Islam! yeah, it's funny (according to them), however, it is totally accuses our religion and absolutely brings negatives pictures about Islam itself. people who watch this cartoon will make the wrong assumptions about Islam. they think that Islam is the easiest religion to play with. meaning to say, they can easily ruin our good reputation by producing such story and indirectly make the people from all over the world to hate us, Muslims as well as our noble religion.

last night, i only watched two episodes of the cartoon with asma'. i thought i wanted to watch the next episodes but my heart prohibited for me of doing so. after we had read all the comments given by the people who had watched the cartoon, our hatred and angry towards the zionist Israel was getting bigger and bigger, especially when we read the comments posted by the non-Muslims. obviously, they were extremely our enemies! so, they cheerfully posted those stupid comments in the website. here are some of their comments regarding the cartoon:


" Great video. Actually shows the way palis are being raised. FRY FRY Palestine. Stop all muslim immigration to the west!!!!!"

"this is amazinggly hilarious!!! Props to whoever made this...Pleaseeee make moreee!!!!!!!! :)"

"I dont think this cartoon gives a bad reputation about islam and islamic people. I think islam and islamic people are doing that all by themselves."

on the other hand, there were also comments posted by people who were anti-Israel and they were amazingly protest this video. they were against what had the anti-Muslims produced to destroy Islam. i'll show you their comments below:

" this is really fucking untrue!! u guys r IDIOTS for believing in cartoon like this,,"

"this cartoon is for fucking idiot made by christian da fucking religion in the world.scared? the end of the world will come.and then you will see what wrote in the quran. until then , enjoy your time and wait for it."

"tom trager is a shit!!!!! mosque is the place for muslims!!!! why don`t bomb the church!!!???????"

"hahaha, it's funny but we still hate you fucking jewish behind every single war..........without u our world will be peaceful."

"Do u consider this kind of Cartoon FUNNY?? Do u consier blow
ing a mosque is FUNNY ?? What if they blew a CHURCH or a synagogue instead of mosque will u consider it FUNNY too ?? I don't think so... This silly Cartoon gives bad ideas about muslims and the Holy Quran... In General, it insults and it gives a bad reputation about islam and islamic people too... Therefore I request from youtube website to block these kind of episodes even for different religions.."

i think, that's all i can show you. just so you know, youtube.com is actually one of Israel's products and we are no supposed to log on to this website. however, if we think from the bright side, just imagine, if we don't open this website, we might not know what will our enemies plan to do next to to destroy us, Muslim from this world. so, let's just pray to Allah and let Him bless us always.


as for me, i assure you to watch the videos in the website yourself then you can see how stupid Israel is by producing that kind of cartoon. the truth is, they did that because they scared people from the whole world would attack them because of their populatin is very small compared to us, Muslims.

so, what are you waiting for, my brothers and sisters??? the time has come for us to protect our religion from those dirty hands and let us seek for Allah's help to preserve Islam and our Iman. may He destroy Israel from this world but if that won't be happening, insya Allah, all the hell in the hereafter will be fulled of their people (who are anti-Muslims). but, insya Allah, for the Israelis who support Islam, may Allah give His guidance to them to the right path. insya Allah.

*Muslims are not terrorists! we are just trying to defend ourselves from being tortured by the zionist people. is it wrong to defend our noble religion when it is almost damaged by the dirty hands? we have rights to defend our religion! we have rights to protect Islam!! Allah loves us!

let's boycott all Israel products!!

free palestine!

wake up my brothers and sisters! let us fight our enemy!!!

hayya biljihad!!!!!

think about it.

take care!!!

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