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Wednesday, 20 March 2013



I came across bashing (& underestimating I guess) English Language and Literature course and students today, both on Twitter and Facebook. On Facebook it goes like this: 

#198 "I get irritated @ ppl who want to brag about having a 3.5+ GPA when ur major really isn't that difficult. id probably have a 3.5+ GPA too if my major was something like, I don't know, English Lit?? & my classes involved acting or something. Meanwhile, m jz here taking structural dynamics, calculus, & other hard science courses, that my professor will have mercy on my soul enough just to give me a C on a test."

Well, studying English Language and Literature doesn't revolve around acting or something only. When given a task on literary works, we have to critically analyze them with supports and evidence. You have to think out of the box to come up with great ideas to sell them to the lecturers (in this case creativity is always the key). On-the-surface analysis would only get you to B- (2.67 in GPA) and you end up merely as average student. 

English Language and Literature students require lots and lots of reading. You need to fully equip yourself not only with fictions but the readings on world history as well. What happened in what year, who died and why? In a way of looking at it, it's like combining 3 sets of puzzles to make one complete set of picture. It's a lot of works, it's tiring but hell yeah it is worth every drop of blood and sweat. For most of us the English major, English is our second language and of course sometimes (& there are cases of MOST of the times) our incompetence in this particular language gets very obvious but give us a chance because that's why we're here in IIUM; to learn & improve ourselves toward the betterment of the future & contribute our best to the Ummah. 

Many of us Malaysians come with the 'Holier than thou' mentality in which we think we're better than others. The time is right to drop this mentality and just be humble about oneself, as what my dear friend Mizah Kholil once told me, ' The more successful one gets, the more humble they should be'. Instead of comparing what course is superior than others, we should just focus on our personal achievements because that's what gonna get us great jobs & guarantee a good living. If you're doing hardcore science in university and you're incompetent at it, do you think people would want to hire you?

Because in the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you do, but rather how you do it. And as Muslim, one of our aims in this world is to succeed at becoming the vicegerent of ALLAH S.W.T. in upholding His commands. Therefore, it doesn't matter what you study in college/university but what is more important is what you do with all knowledge you've gained.

This is my opinion regarding this matter. If it happens to offend anyone whom reads this post, my sincerest apology. & forgive my grammar mistake(s), but never let live.


Naqib Ahmad
Students of English Language and Literature
International Islamic University Malaysia

p/s: Thank you, Naqib :)

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